Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nerves, fingernails damaged from fighting sucker and eye spider demons

My hands are injured from a recent spate of attacks by sucker demons and eye spider demons, which lasted over three days this past weekend, mostly at night while in bed.

As a consequence of near-constant fighting, my fingernails have white-colored stress lines, which extend from their tips to the middle, from having been bent back while prying at these incredibly strong demonic entities; the pressure from the bending of my fingernails have caused tiny blood spots to appear underneath the fingernails, too:

My once well-kempt fingernails are now virtually destroyed by constant demon fighting

The damage can not only be felt, but seen, as well.

For example, the nerves in the first finger and thumb are almost completely number from having pinched both types of demons until their cloaks collapsed and bodies explode in a dim flash of red or yellow light (a video of a leg of an eye spider demon, pinched between my fingers, can he seen in Eye Spider Demon, Flailing Leg).

And, two nights ago, the top of my left first finger turned a yellowish-green color, and felt extremely cold and numb. This reoccurs every time the weather is chilly, especially at night. The top layer of skin on both thumbs and first fingers is number, although there is still some sensation beneath the surface.

Sucker demons and eye spider demons are not only lighting fast, but can evade capture by sinking into your skin:
An eye spider demon traveling beneath the skin makes a sick-sounding noise
They can also evade your sight by becoming virtually invisible, as shown in Sucker Demon Slinks Down Back of Neck on Vimeo.

Also, touching one for too long results in extreme pain from either heat or electric shock.

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