Saturday, June 23, 2012

HOME | Theft complaint filed against former "haunted" roommate

As if kicking in the front door on the third day after I moved in, refusing to pay the electric bill for a week while our food spoiled—and then breaking the power main switch—and locking me out of my own apartment the entire time I lived there, my former roommate decided to steal electronic equipment and prescription medication on my way out last week.

A report was filed last week, and both a restraining order and civil suit seeking the value of the stolen property will be filed next week.
Santa Clara Police Department, Case No. 12-6961, Theft, Victor Salazar
One item was recovered, namely, a DVD drive, as my former roommate decided to hand that to me as I packed what was left of my things.

For more on Victor Salazar and the incidents at 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara, California, read: