Friday, August 22, 2014

VIDEO | Demon shapes scarf into multiple variations of face on-the-fly

If you're unfamiliar with the fact that some demons mold the objects they possess into likenesses of their faces (or blend with objects that closely resemble them, using light and shadow accents to define it more clearly), read Blanket demons possess bedsheets, humans possess clay; also, be sure to follow the links to other posts showing this phenomenon, which are provided at various points in this post.

Historically, the demons I have seen who have created their image out of a pile of blankets or clothes [such as the bathhouse blanket demon], or tree leaves [or bark] have all taken so long to do so, I assumed that the process was inherently a slow one; but, with this new clip of a demon changing his face into at least five distinct variations in under two seconds, I stand corrected.

Yesterday, as I stood on a San Francisco sidewalk recording video of demonic activity, I captured a demon possessing a scarf carried by a passer-by, altering its shape while the scarf was swinging outward in front of the woman carrying out, trying its best to keep its face consistent, even as the scarf flapped in the wind. There are at least five distinct variations of its face, all of which occurred in under two seconds:

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3

Variation 4

Variation 5
The video clip shows the transition between the variations:

NOTE | Pay particular attention to the fluidity of the transitions from one variation to another, and the evenness of the increments from frame-to-frame.
The scarf demon looks similar to the variety I photographed possessing pillows [see VIDEO/PHOTOS | The Pillow Demons], in that both exhibit the same blunt snout:

The pillow demons and the scarf demon share a blunt, almost snouth-like faces in common; they also appear to be of a variety that forms its own face, rather than by other demons [see Demons in the Attic; see also Secret builders of blanket demon faces revealed])Unlike the scarf, which was possessed by one demon creating multiple variations of the same face, this pillow was possessed by two different demons, hence the two distinct faces [see The Pillow Demons]

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