Thursday, July 12, 2012

VIDEOS | Juggalo Demon (finally) caught in-the-flesh on video

It finally made its appearance in the flesh, a Juggalo Demon, as shown in this series of still frames from a video recently made at 650 South Fifth Street, in San Jose, California:
The profile of a violence-inducing Juggalo Demon, the frequent companion of young
males already predisposed towards (and fascinated by) acts of carnage

This Juggalo demon had eluded to its upcoming appearance as far back as 10 months ago by blending its face with the windows and stairs of the house at 471 East Julian Street, also in San Jose, California—the nexus of hyperdimensional portal activity:

It is not uncommon for emerging demons to announce their pending arrival by
blending with objects (stairs and windows), light (streetlamp) and shadow (nighttime)
These types of demons, which are easily identifiable by the clown-like markings on their faces, are the violence-inducing demonic peers to easily influenced young males, who already have a predilection towards—and an innate thirst for—violence.

They encourage such youth to commits atrocious acts, such as hacking another man's head with an axe, just as Josh once came very close to doing to me one night in July 2006 (read Gang-stalker confesses, describes criminal agenda to victim and Gang-stalker eludes to demons in confession to crimes).

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