Friday, July 13, 2012

County welfare debacle resolved, now on to healthcare

My rental assistance and cash aid at the county welfare office were disbursed without problems yesterday; I did nothing they asked for. I simply asked for a supervisor, told her what a bullheaded maneuver the denial of benefits was, and they gave me the benefits immediately. All of this, after having spoken with the landlord, who said he was so well-known at the welfare office that they had no right to any documentation that they didn't already have.

The supervisor agreed.

You can see videos and hear audio files of my past encounters with demonic collaborators who have done and said just about anything to make problems for me in anyway they can at:
In the latter case, whatever reason she provided was completely disregarded by her supervisor the next day. In other words, it was contrived, her supervisor thought so, and there was no reason for withholding the check.

It's simple: she gets something from demons, and they told her to "make a problem." So, she did. Now, she's probably skulking about on someone's roof—half-invisible—tapping on someone's windows to scare them.

I guess, kinda, that would be fun.

Anyway, now on to my county healthcare provider, ValleyCare.

Every year, I have to renew my healthcare benefits. The only document I'm required to provide is a proof of income statement from the county welfare office. So, a month ago, I went to the county welfare office to obtain the income verification statement. There, they took a screen capture of my account history, printed it out, and then stamped it with the date and time and name of the office.

When I brought that to ValleyCare, they had to decide whether that was sufficient. The receptionist took it to one of the employees who processes renewal requests, and that employee said it was sufficient. I waited in the ValleyCare lobby for about 3 hours before meeting with the employee, who simply said that the renewal would be processed.

A few days later, however, I was told that it would not be processed because the proof of verification was invalid. It needed to look different.

Simply put: no, it doesn't. It was fine then, and it's fine now. This tactic is a commonly used one by the demon-infested local government to simply inconvenience and annoy people demons don't like (or people who don't like demons, among which I would be head-honcho).

So, this morning, I'm going to visit ValleyCare and call them out. I'll report back on that later, and will include recordings of my conversations, of course.