Friday, July 13, 2012

PHOTO/VIDEO | Cloaked sucker demons on my scalp

Another still frame from a video made during a demonic attack by the Voices Demons, who sent a horde of sucker demons to attach to my body, bending bone and depleting body tissue:
On top of my scalp are sucker demons, whose cloaks are bending the light into the blurry, wavy lines seen on the top 
A cloaked sucker demon, whether it is of the thread-like, worm-like, or sea cucumber-like variety, is very difficult to capture on video. It is usually only by allowing light from the background to pass through its cloaked body before it can been seen on camera, as shown in Cloaked Sucker Demon Slithers Down Neck:
In this video, I use a special color-filtering technique to show the outline of the thick sucker demon trying to avoid the camera, and I roll the footage back-and-forth in order to aid in identifying it, as well.