Friday, July 13, 2012

Health insurance, county welfare offices pull identical stunt to prohibit distribution of respective services

Both the health insurance and county welfare offices pulled identical stunts to prohibit the distribution of their respective services, claiming that certain papers were either not provided or filled out.

Jumping through their demon-designed hoops, I was able to resolve both issues; however, insodoing, the demons and their human counterparts achieved their objective of wasting yet another entire day.
In the case of the county welfare office: it was simply a matter of asking for a supervisor, and then letting that supervisor know that nothing further was required of me—that I had done everything asked of me—to get the funds for rental assistance and cash aid distributed.
You can see videos and hear audio files of my oddball interaction with county welfare employees in:
As reported earlier in County welfare debacle resolved, now on to healthcare, I faced a similar situation with my public healthcare provider. In short, they claimed that the proof of benefits that I obtained from the county welfare office wasn't correct, and that I needed a new form from them. In reality, however, the form was the right one, and nothing new was needed.
In this video, I point that out—twice—prompting the second employee at the public healthcare office to ask me to sign a form I had already signed, claiming that I didn't do it to begin with, even though another employee supervised the entire process:
Having finished filling out a form already filled out, and essentially resubmitting the same verification of benefits form twice, I was told it'd be about two weeks before my healthcare benefits would be reinstated, making it a one-and-a-half-months' process to do so.

That makes two agencies within the same week—just as the Voices Demons said would happen—that have tried to withhold benefits based on insubstantial or manufactured reasons.

I'm not complaining—in fact, I'm delighted to be able to catch this sort of behavior on video—rather, I'm just prepping my readers for the fact that the entire town has sold its soul to Satan.
NOTE | In the future, once my demon-capturing-on-camera skills improve, I will post the actual demons telling people what to do to me and others. You can already hear this in much of my audio footage; but, I want you to see their mouths saying it.
And, for those who find all these problems with all these agencies—police, healthcare, the superior court and welfare, just to name four of them—could actually happen to someone, just remember: The Bible tells us that Satan was involved in law enforcement and politics in the time of the Romans, which is what Jesus was referring to when He said right before (and in reference to) His crucifixion, "What you do, do quickly!"

So, why not other branches of the government, especially when it provides him the chance to deprive the poor?

And, keep in mind, that it was also within Satan's power at one point to offer Jesus all the kingdoms on Earth. That's pretty enmeshed! So, don't be surprised that someone who battles demons might run into Satan in places he's been before.