Tuesday, April 24, 2012

READER | Is it too late to save yourself?

From Jacqueline Hargis, a reader from Facebook, who wanted to know why I record demons (to warn and educate others), and if I thought it was too late for me, since her message to me was in response to the movies in which I display some of the physical qualities of a demon. I guess she assumed I was turning into a demon.
In my answer, I certainly take it that way, but also lean towards answering unasked questions, like, "Is it too late to save my life (yes, it is)?" or "Is it too late to save my soul (no, it is not)?"
The following movies are the subject of this discussion:
  • Two of Me, in which I morph into an older version of me, and then back again, right in front of the camera;
  • Demon in the Dark, in which the specter of a demon's face encompasses mine, growls something at another, unseen demon, and then disappears, leaving me unaware that anything like that had transpired; and,
  • Thing, in which my hand flys off my arm in order to grab my cellphone from the floor, seconds before some other creature, who you can see moving very quickly underneath my bedspread, gets to it.
Her questions are the most intelligent and important ones I've received so far, aside from the much-anticipated—but, yet to be received—questions I expect from people I already know, such as, "Are you okay?" and "How can I help?"
Jacqueline Hargis' belief in things demonic was affirmed by seeing demons on video

Jacqueline Hargis
April 7th, 2012
You have some very interesting videos. What got you into video taping these creatures? How did you become interested in all this? I truly believe in demons, and I KNOW they are real!

James Bush
April 11th, 2012
Quick answers to your questions:
I'm not into making the videos; I just needed proof of some of what was happening to me. I am interested in my blog, though, which allows me to tell more of the story than I can with my little videos.
The blog is at http://demonicactivity.blogspot.com[But], I am primarily interested only in God and Jesus; but, since I'm trapped in a situation where there's lots of demons—well, "when in Rome..."
It's good that you believe in demons because they definitely believe in you (but, not in a good way).
My videos should not only strengthen that belief, but the belief that there is an Almighty God, who has a Son who died for us, and will return for us someday for those who believe.
This is so important, especially given the things I've seen. I have literally stood at the mouth of Hell, so let me tell you, you really don't want to do anything with your life but consider God at all times.
I say this based on that experience alone. I remember thinking, as I stood there, my beliefs I could state, but deep down I question them now that I am about to be thrown into Destruction for an eternity.
That's when I regretted not affirming my faith by practice [Matthew 25:31-46], reading [Romans 10:17] and regular fellowship [Hebrews 10:25] over my lifetime. If I had done that, my beliefs would not have been questioned, and I would have known whether I belonged to Heaven or not.
Don't make that mistake, when it's too late to change.

Jacqueline Hargis
April 11th, 2012
Do you believe it's too late for you?

James Bush
April 11th, 2012
Never. Not until that Day [of Judgment].
After all, I have the Holy Spirit available to me just like anyone else. You can't make a human a demon.
Demons have physical qualities, and they know their own biology, as well as ours. It stands to reason that, in their war against Heaven, they would manipulate that [as they apparently have in my case] in order to gain an edge in their agenda to deprive God of souls.
[But, even in spite of the changes to my physical body], I've given Jesus [my soul]; and, if I believe [in Him], He will [keep it safe]. So, whatever portions of my flesh have been taken, destroyed, altered, or added, my soul belongs to God. [verse about fearing God not man]
Fortunately, these signs [of demonic morphing] don't exhibit themselves often; in fact, I've only noticed a couple of odd things about me since, and they are innocuous to other people.
But, I have also noticed that they run counter to demons; so, maybe these "abilities" are not of their design.
I know that they have frequent run-ins with people-like entities, who have normal faces and bodies—albeit blurry—but are much shorter, and wear white robes (versus the traditional black cloaks so popular among the demon crowd). Maybe I belong to them(?).

While I sat at McDonald's down the street from my new apartment writing this post, a voices demon asked me:
"Uh, do you know how many people think you're really into this shit because of how much effort you put into your blog?"
The implication being, of course, that people perceive, and are bothered by the perception, that I enjoy this problem, and am working hard to make the most of it, as if it were some kind of golden opportunity—this, from the very demons who manipulated people, circumstances, and my very mind and body with powers untold in order to make me think, for a very long time, several times, that I was dead, and was destined for Hell (they can do that, believe it); and, this from the demons whose violent acts against me compelled me to finally come out publicly about their role in my "inevitable demise."

I would say that, even though I know better than that now, that such an experience had a powerful effect; but, my efforts on this blog are simply a reaction to that experience. And, now that there is some distance between now and those hellish experiences, I would like to evolve it into a way to warn others from the consequences of demonic influence.