Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cloak-penetrating filtering technique exposes hidden Spectre of Death in re-released video

In this re-released video, the Spectre of Death stands in the entryway of my former apartment, cloaked, while speaking to a more fully cloaked demon in front of him. As the camera moves closer to the Spectre of Death, his cloak appears to improve, making him less visible; however, this is probably due to the nature of the demon cloak, which is easier to visually detect farther away, rather than closer.

The first frame of the movie reveals a demon face blending (or camouflaged) with the wall. Play the movie frame-by-frame to see it more closely. There are actually two faces overlapping each other on the wall; but, one is much more obvious than the other. (When demons camouflage, they usually blend (or overlap) together, as well as with the object they are blending with).
A demon's face, blended with a wall, appears in the first few frames of the video

In order to better make the distinction between the shadows and the actual Spectre of Death, I used a custom post-processing technique, which involves blending multiple Quicktime video layers together, each with a specific graphics mode applied (see Blending Quicktime video layers to penetrate demon cloaks to learn how this technique is applied). In the video, I positioned a copy of the video processed with this technique side-by-side with the original. Insodoing, you can clearly see that the Spectre of Death is not just a shadow's trick on the eyes, nor is it the product of one's imagination.
 A side-by-side comparison for proof that the shadow is actually a cloaked demon
There is also the fact that his mouth is moving in a portion of the video, although it is blurry, as are all moving mouths of cloaked demons (see Video shows 'blanket demon' blending face with bedspread for more about the blurriness of moving mouths in demonic activity videos; see also Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission for the reason behind the blurry appearance of demons in general in video). Still, in the source video, it is clear enough.
NOTE | The difference between the source video and the video once it has been uploaded to a media sharing web site is usually the difference between night and day. Services such as Vimeo, YouTube, Google+ and Facebook compress uploaded video, which diminishes the quality greatly, particularly in videos where the quality is not good to begin with. That applies here, as all my video is either shot on my laptop's face cam or on my cheap cellphone. And, since demons don't pose under camera lights very often, most of my videos are shot in the dark, which doubles the bad quality of the video.

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