Friday, November 14, 2014

FBI arrests stalker, detention hearing in federal court next Monday

Today, the FBI arrested one of my stalkers, specifically, the one that sent this just a couple of weeks ago (I think):

A message from the stalker just arrested by FBI today (probably); the theme is similar to that of the death-threat letter with the bullet attached to it sent in the summer of 2012
And, the definitely the one who sent this death-threat letter in the summer of 2012, the very letter the FBI credits for connecting the stalker to me and half-a-dozen other victims:

The letter the FBI credits for bringing the case against my stalker to prosecution
I was notified by phone shortly afterwards by the agent in charge of the investigation that the stalker is now behind bars, and that, this Monday, I can meet the stalker face-to-face at his detention hearing to be held at the federal courthouse in downtown San Jose, where Judge Grewal will determine whether he can post bail.
NOTE | The FBI petitioned the court to detain the stalker without bail; the court agreed, citing its belief that the stalker posed a significant risk to the community.
Although pleased that some progress is being made by others than myself in this problem (the demonic plague, that is), my exuberance is still long in the making. This is but one of many who act on behalf of demons, and, as far as I know, may never have caused any of the injuries I've sustained in the countless attacks by demons and their people (although, I firmly believe that were he not caught, and were he given the chance, he would have done more than injure; rather, he would have killed me or someone else, instead).

Arrested stalker holds title for 'creepiest demon person ever'
As far as my stalker is concerned, scarier than the timing of his threatening phone calls and letters and e-mails, which always—and only—happened during periods of high demonic activity and the Voices Demons' and their peoples' anger management ritual-attacks (and at the same time family and friends would join in same), is the phone call I got from him shortly after I arrived in Indiana.

It was on a stormy night during my brief tenure in Indiana last month when the light in my deceased grandfather's bedroom...wouldn't turn on. [Right as] I flipped the switch on the wall [—and then the lamp itself—,] the stalker calls, and, using his scary voice, asks me if I'm having trouble turning on your grandpa's light? I said, I am; he said, Do you want me to help you? I paused for a moment, right before eeking out, Yes. He says, Try again. So, I flipped the wall switch again. That time, the light came on.

Here, by the way, is his scary voice in three of his voicemails, so you get an idea of what he sounded like in a room darkened by the pitch of night, save the occasional lightning bolt and accompanying clap of thunder:

I've gone through quite a few hellish and harrowing experiences with demons and their people over the years; but, the fact that they are usually announced first, and being as expected as they are when they happen, for some reason, lessens the impact they have in comparison to this one incident. It creeped me out in a much bigger way to have been over 2,000 miles away from ground zero of demonic activity, with no pre-announcement, and no apparent cause for the intrusion. For demons and their people, it's a job; but, for this guy, it seemed personal. That's scarier.

Presumptuous intrusion into personal life uncharacteristic of typical demon person
Mostly, demon people, if they say anything, simply parrot what they're told to say by Voices Demons; accordingly, I pay it no mind. I'm as disinterested in hearing them and they are in talking to me. This particular stalker was different in that regard: he was interested, and I'm sure he went further than the Voices Demons would have allowed, were he within their sphere of influence.

While he was always in sync with the Voices Demons and their people, he left physical evidence of his harassment, which is unusual; and, he involved himself in matters that no demon person could have been persuaded to even hear about, let alone form an opinion on. For example:

This points to psychotic on top of being a demon person; he probably was connected to my problem, but wasn't managed because he was unmanageable, even for demons.

Options for sentencing mitigation to be offered
I'll post more after Monday's hearing; but, I doubt that's going to prove very interesting to readers, unless I recognize the person, and can connect him to others who now wage war against my life. What will be interesting in when I get the chance to throw the stalker a bone, specifically, sentence mitigation in exchange for information connecting my family and others I once trusted to the anger management rituals.

I know he can do it; I know he's connected to others I've had problems with in the same way, and at the same time. I intend to use this to make others "arrestable," as the Voices Demons have predicted over and over [see Voices Demons: "Your family will be arrestable"].

Postscript: my last conversation with the stalker
Here's the last exchange of words I had with the stalker before his arrest:

I'm getting a little flippant (a sign of annoyance on my part), judging by my responseNow, I'm getting sarcastic (a little more than annoyance—more like aggression)
NOTE | I believe this to be different kind of harassment than the fag-bashing that can be heard in AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker
Other online stalker activity
Other online stalker activity can be found on this blog by searching for:
The posts returned by the search will contain even more links to other posts pertaining to the aforementioned subject.

Other crime-related posts
The FBI reiterated on multiple occasions the key role this blog played in identifying, locating and apprehending the serial stalker, making it the second law enforcement agency so assisted.

The Santa Clara Police Department began an initiative identical to mine, also seeking to shutter a drug house operating in that city based on my such effort as described in The Death Wish of a Demoniac: Fighting the demon-allied drug trade.

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