Monday, March 18, 2013

#537 - E-mail reveals others' knowledge of demonic agenda

I've written several times in this blog that it is widely known in the Bay Area of Northern California how the demons I face operate; so, it doesn't surprise me when a citizen of San Jose (or wherever) makes a comment or two that implies knowledge I didn't impart to him or any other human. But, the truth is, they only think they know my demons, in that they only know what they were told and see, and that turns out to be not that much.

It's those things which they have heard and seen that they have come to terms with; it is the things they haven't that they struggle with. Those things would be a lot of what I show (and not just talk about) on this blog, e.g, torture and the like.

Apparently, many people felt empowered by their association with powerful demons, and incorporated their relationship with such into their identities, letting friends and family know just how important they had become. Insodoing, they placed their reputation at stake.
NOTE | My demons seem to take reputation itself very seriously; in fact, a demon who wanted to help me even said, "Go after their reputation."
In comes my blog, which made no one happy, particularly, the people who had lied to others about the danger posed to me by the demons whose existence they had once denied (but, thanks to the blog, could no longer).

That was bad enough, I guess; but, what got "an anger reaction" (as the Voices Demons say) were the posts that showed me being skewered by tendrils, and the progression of decay and malady that is evident in the photos when they are lined up from start to finish. Also, the injuries that have occurred, and the manner in which they are said to have occurred, match perfectly. They are too fast, too soon, too many and too severe.

In short, anyone affiliated with these demons no longer looked good. No one established and practices torture to the point of making a literal science out of it. The technology and power used to make acts of torture happen weren't developed just for me, or overnight. And, that which is used to facilitate it could only be used to commit these acts; there is nothing in a demon's arsenal that can be used for anything other than to hurt in the most cold and calculated ways imaginable.

The scary thing is, I haven't told everything. If I did, it would be too much, I figure; and, after reading this e-mail, I'm not sure it would improve my situation much, either:

For your reference, these statements made by the e-mailer match these posts:
  • I long for the days where you fear...going to prison:
  • Gang-raped in strange cities:
NOTE | This guy eludes to knowledge I provided to no one, meaning that the town has been talking. I never mentioned anything about being in another city with anyone for any reason where I said anything happened. Never. Not to anyone.
  • [Y]ou get attacked in a supermarket parking lot late at night by a drunken beaner:
  • [Y]ou wander cemeteries late at night with transexuals: 
  • You will be found dead of multiple stab wounds:

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