Thursday, August 9, 2012

SECRET VIDEO | Fake fighting, barking police arrest and "drug bust" commands by humans collaborating with demon stress-inducing aims

This videos contains a dialog between three human collaborators, and, in particular, a fake argument over a defective chair sold by a visitor to the owner of the apartment I stayed at last night, as well as police arrest and "bust" commands incoherently interjected into the otherwise coherent conversation (although some parts of it could have just as easily been said in a drug deal). They were overloud, with lights and windows on, late at night. One of them dropped heavy items on the floor to suggest that police could be called for a noise disturbance by the neighbor below, all in order to cause the chronic fear and intimidation that is the daily goal of the Voices Demons.
This has been a tactic repeated more times than I can count, and started at the very first party thrown against my wishes by the gang-stalkers in my Sunnyvale home; it continues today, and is even done by children, old woman and other unexpected persons. In my The Sunnyvale Knock web site in 2006, I called this "loud-speaking," for whatever reason, and defined it as a tactic employed by a kind of criminal syndicate called gang-stalking.

I was absolutely baffled when even members of own family started doing this; I didn't know that I wasn't the only one who had a Voices Demons infestation. But, even when I found out how this tactic was perpetrated (by and through the Voices Demons network), I was shocked and disgusted by the fact that any number of Voices Demons are (and were) just as attached to thousands of people, and, in fact, had been long before I even knew the things I have presented in this blog.
NOTE | I believe being left out all those years, and having been left with the false belief that the demons' early incursion into my life (at ages 5 through 8), were because those early experiences were to prepare the way for what they are doing now. It's not a simple thing they want; rather, they are like the Native American Indians—they eat every part of the buffalo, so to speak
Although a daily effort is made by the Voices Demons, the effectiveness of this "skit" is de minimus, which is anathema to the Voices Demons. They want me offended that it is even tried, and to be scared by the prospect of being arrested, as well as angry that it has happened.

But, they claim to be "unhappy" because my fear and anxiety (if any) over those things would overshadowed by the what I feel about the fact that demons are responsible for the stalking, harassment, assaults, torture (aggravated mayhem), rape, thefts, etc., and the fact that humans are helping them.
NOTE | Today, they wanted me to be really angry about the fact that they kept pushing things into my knees and elbows to hurt me, or pushing my knees and elbows into things—they constantly order sucker demons to attach to the ligaments/tendons in both places to create pain and cause future injury (see VIDEO TIMELINE | Demons Move Wall to Injure Hand; see also VIDEO | Sliding walls (and the uninvited guests who go through them); I didn't get angry, but I could have. Again, it's the demon-aspect of the problem that I focus on only because, when it comes to demons, whether they say they like you or you are this kind of person and that kind of person or whatever, they are the enemy. That goes even when they are not doing anything to you that you don't mind, but are asking you to do things to others with them or on their behalf—even if it is to others who you may feel deserve it. You are perpetrating evil with agents of the enemy of God, and in a way that violates the law. Next, though, they wanted me to forget the fact that they kept spiking my brain with the needle-fingered demon—the glove of which was caught in a still frame of one of the many videos I made early this morning (see Elusive needle-fingered demon captured in two videos; see also Demonic Intruders Attack) every time they wanted me to forget where they hid my electric toothbrush (as if I could know that before I found it). Hiding my toothbrush isn't the thing; it's injuring my brain that would be, of course. They are that careless.
Lately, this tactic has also been used to enhance the apprehension they want me to feel about being physically assaulted. After first "trimming me back down to size," they want me to be beaten up, but not before I'm made afraid of it, and after having been reminded of my vulnerability to it for an extended period of time. They also want me to feel ashamed at being diminished (I was very thin before starting a workout program that led to a dramatic difference), and angry, as well, so that I will be less likely to avoid a physical confrontation (in order to prove myself).

For example, I no longer stay with City Team Ministries because, on the second day of the latest Anger Management Ritual, asked homeless men to make threatening gestures towards me, and to threaten to assault me. The words "fag" and "pedophile" were used, and a few of their people performed shadow magic.

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