Monday, March 19, 2012

Sucker Demons Interfere with Electronics on Contact, Spark when crushed

An couple of interesting scientific tidbits about sucker demons and the nature of their electric properties:
  1. When I pinch one really hard (say, if it slithered into my bed, which is usually what they do) while I'm holding my cellphone, it will vibrate, as if a call is coming through, and the screen will dim as if malfunctioning, and then go black. Or, if I'm holding my laptop, the screen will shimmer. Sometimes, they actually shock me, which is rarely painful, but can be. Other times, there is extreme dizziness, confusion and disorientation, confusion, or extreme nausea with vertigo.
  2. Mostly, the "electricity" from a sucker demon is applied directly to nerves at a very low, almost imperceptible level, which causes shaking and diminished control over ones limbs, resembling Parkinson's disease. And, because sucker demons can "phase-out," which means make themselves nearly—but not completely—invisible, you may not notice that they are the culprit behind your inability to use your hands, or your tendency to drop things, or clumsy footing. Following is a video of a sucker demon reaching for my elbow, in order to prompt me to lower the laptop I'm using to record paranormal activity, by and through the nerves in that joint.
[video deleted by demons]

It probably works by reducing the nerve impulses to the muscles in your shoulder and arm, so that you feel tired, and inclined to stop using them. The electricity, by the way, feels "smooth" compared to an electric jolt you may get from an outlet; in other words, it is not alternating current, in that there is not a wave of pulses. Rather, it feels constant. I'm sure that means something to someone with a background in some sort of science; to me, it means don't touch them, if you can help it.

I've only seen one sucker demon get killed, and it was by accident. It was hiding under the mini-fridge, and when I moved it, the sucker demon must have gotten caught under one of the feet. They weight of the mini-fridge caused it to spark in blue flashes, accompanied by a series of loud cracks and pops.

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