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VIDEO | Close-up of man's mutating hand; sucker-demon swarm poses as tattoo

An e-mail sent by grandma, after reading this post
The Voices Demons and their people got their way in this world—once again—in that I went to jail, not too long after having wrote this about seeing my serial stalker for the first time, wearing all-too-familiar jail attire, in Court postpones release of serial stalker, cites danger to community:
He's wearing the same clothes I've worn any number of times since the (overt) attack by demons and their people, the very same clothes I wore four out of the past six years, and the clothes they continue to vow I will wear again in the near future—that is to say, jail clothes [see Voices Demons' weigh options to deprive me of freedom].
Two nights ago, while submerged in a miasma of demonic activity unparalleled in history, San Jose police apprehended the demon person I was tailing [at the Townhouse Motel] for outstanding warrants, and snatched me, too—albeit only for a day, and only for failure to pay (restitution, that is, on a misdemeanor case from 2012). I was told repeatedly by demons all the night long, right beforehand, "Go home; the police are coming."

I stayed anyway, and, as a result, was able to record most of the police encounter on my iPhone, starting with the ranting and raving of my would-be hostage-taker—my host and subject of the video in this post—followed by the forced entry by San Jose PD, and the subsequent search and questioning, and, of course, arrest; by clicking the following link, you will also hear a very strange—but familiar—exchange between my host and the police officers involving talk of 'pedophile' and 'balls being chopped off', once the Voices Demons' and their people's most frequently discussed topic, apart from anything else related to me [see Excerpt: 15 seconds of Voices Demons threats, rambling].
NOTE | If you listen to the recording with Apple earBuds for iPhone on an iPhone, you might hear Voices Demons talking to the police: one expresses her satisfaction at my arrest to my arresting officer; another Voices Demons chants at a police officer, something to the effect of "Get off the phone, right...get off the phone, right...get off the phone, right...get off the phone right now; someone wants to talk to you in their dreams. I have no idea; Voices Demons know how to speak normally, so, when they do this, it is usually an encoded directive to demons possessing the listener.
Also, ever get cornered into a conversation with someone about the Illuminati, Free Masons and the like? The Voices Demons say those words and others like them (such as police) are encoded directives by a demon person to your possessing demons (i.e., demons in or around you), which instruct them to manipulate your emotions, attention, health, etc., in ways predictable to the speaker and problematic to you. To hear the kind of talk you should avoid as soon as you hear it (in order to prevent problems you couldn't otherwise explain), download the audio recording made prior to the one above.

It turns out that getting arrested was not such a bad thing, especially when considering that I was only i custody for a day. That night, at the motel, I was injured, and getting even more still:
A metal prong stakes itself into the side of my head at the scene of my arrest, as shown in this still frame from a video made that nightThese two still frames are reminiscent of those shown in Metal prongs hook, stretch face earlier this year
Those pics offer but a sample of the cloaked (i.e., faster-than-normal time, semi-transparent, semi-permeable) items that stabbed me everywhere, all night; the following video (which has yet to be post-processed) shows the mutation of his hand-based demonic weapons engaged in same:

On top of that, my unconscious form apparently had to listen to things like this from my host, John Taylor:
This world has a lot of problems, doesn't it? There are good people helping—like, you—people. You can be the noblest of people; but, life passes through very quickly.
I only know that he said this to me, and that I was unconscious when he said it, because I rigged his cellphone to capture video for me—just in case (glad I did; knew I should've, and that I needed to). You can watch three of them on my YouTube channel; scores more are coming up once they are released from police custody next Tuesday.

So, there were not only these things, but the fact that I was tired and hungry and drained. The one-and-a-half-day break actually did me some good, and kept me relatively safe for a day while the fires burned down.
NOTE | My cellie was none other than one of the former fellow residents at Little Orchard; more on that later [see AUDIO | Homeless shelter staff fag-bashes via loudspeaker].
Even still, it was so worth it, considering the quality of the photos and videos that were made and stored on my iPhone and MacBook Air, which, having been kept in police custody, were far safer than they would have been otherwise. That's because so much never-seen-before and sensitive data is contained in them—more than anything I have ever had to offer, and more than anything that has ever been offered, more than anyone wants told. The jail stay was a mere inconvenience.
NOTE | There will be a slight delay in posting due to the length of time it will take to finish and apply the new post-processing enhancement procedures [see METHOD #3 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Aberrating image positives and negatives; see also METHOD #2 | Finding hidden demons in digital media | Differentiating consecutive still frames], which are essential, and worth the wait.
This post, by comparison, then, is going to be a bit of a let-down, in that it's about my jailhouse tattoo, specifically, the one on my butt—something I think we can all agree we've all seen way too much of lately. Even still, it's important because it introduces a topic I've postponed discussing for way too long: the fact that swarms of sucker demons often pose as tattoos on demon people and their victims. I've proved that sucker demons can pose as hairs and possess shoestrings; but, even though I've known about sucker demons posing as tattoos since 2011, I failed to address it fully, which I consider a gross act of irresponsibility on my part, having only said this in Man with demon hand sports morphing demonic shirt pattern:

Demons not only change line drawings and other forms of artwork into their likeness, but, they can animate it, as well. And, not only do they do this to prints and patterns on shirts and the like, but, they can do it to tattoos on a person's skin, too.

The only rationalization I can proffer is this: my general policy is to wait until I have some sort of evidence before making any claim; plus, I figure, how much more do people need to see before they acknowledge the problem, anyway?

First and foremost...
In regards to the sin of tattooing, I offer no excuses—only sorrow and repentance:
Ye shall not ... print any marks upon you. I am the LORD. [Leviticus 19:28]
Here is an interpretation of this verse, as provided by the Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary:
nor print any marks upon you—by tattooing, imprinting figures of flowers, leaves, stars, and other fanciful devices on various parts of their person. The impression was made sometimes by means of a hot iron, sometimes by ink or paint, as is done by the Arab females of the present day and the different castes of the Hindus. It is probable that a strong propensity to adopt such marks in honor of some idol gave occasion to the prohibition in this verse; and they were wisely forbidden, for they were signs of apostasy; and, when once made, they were insuperable obstacles to a return. (See allusions to the practice, Isaiah 44:5; Revelation 13:17; 14:1).
You may think at first that my tattoo and the tattoos referred to in the Bible aren't the same thing, and therefore this verse doesn't apply. If that's you, then let me say this: mine's worse, it applies double, and let's leave it at that.

My evidence is nothing more than a homemade porn video, in which my tattoo is on the opposite side (right), whereas in all other videos before and after, it's on the side in which it was made by a fellow inmate at the county jail a year or so ago (left):

As shown in this video—as well as in every other video—my tattoo is on the left side......however, in one video, it's on the right side; but not in the other videos made that same day
Demons often do things like this with media I make during periods of high demonic activity—that is, leave their mark. Sometimes, I lose great footage due to destruction beyond repair; other times, I keep it, but spend inordinate amounts of time cleaning up damage to it. Rarely, do they just let me have what I obtain untouched or unmolested or unhindered.
NOTE | When I can conclusively prove they use dopplegängers to reshoot some videos—just to freak me out—(and, once I can call my body-doubles what they really are), I'll post that fact, plus evidence supporting it, too.
In the video in which the tattoo is on the wrong side, the tattoo stays on the wrong side throughout; however, in the other three videos made on that same night, it's on the "correct" side.

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