Sunday, January 13, 2013

#485 - PHOTO | Mask of a hobgoblin demon?

While attempting to make a video of the demons' shadow people routine (I'll elaborate later), I stumbled upon a demon's face that looks like it was made out of what a white rag draped over a fence just outside my front door:
A discarded hobgoblin demon mask, lying face up, on a fence outside my window
It looks similar to a blanket or pillow demon, in that only the face is shown, and is otherwise surrounded by cloth; however, because it is so detailed, it is actually the discarded mask of a hobgoblin demon.

This is made obvious by the glossy shine and garish facial features, particularly the nose, and few cloth-fashioned demons have realistic colors (notice the yellow teeth and red gums). Also, these demons have never, to my knowledge, mimicked the appearance of another demon, especially hobgoblin demons.

More later...