Sunday, December 10, 2017

Horde of demons possess hair of "Within the Chaos" radio show host

To call it a bad hair day for Rodney Shortridge would be an understatement.

While watching a replay of a video made live earlier today posted on Facebook by the host of "Within the Chaos"—the same Internet radio show on which I appeared as a guest [see Excerpts from my guest appearance on live Internet radio]—I noticed about two dozen demon heads in Rodney's hair. Here are two of them:

Dozens of demon heads were spotted in the hair of Rodney Shortridge (host of Within the Chaos) during a live video broadcast, which he posted to Facebook earlier today; above: two heads, highlighted and enhanced for better viewing
Because Rodney did not claim any knowledge of the pervasive and extensive presence of demons that now blanket the entire planet, I assumed he'd want proof when I told him. Although my experienced eye can quickly and easily locate demons in digital media, I never take for granted how difficult that can be for others with less exposure to the problem.

So, to give Rodney proof, and to make it easy for Rodney to accept that proof, I recorded my iPhone screen activity while I enhanced one of the still frames taken from the replay of his Facebook video broadcast using Photoshop Express and Photoshop Mix:

The enhancements were made to just two of the demon faces, which were the most prominent of all others shown in the chosen still frame. The clarity of the two enhanced demon heads made enhancements to the others unnecessary, and would have hindered the delivery of a pretty urgent message, particularly, Rodney, your hair is on fire.

Too bad, though, because the layering of demons in Rodney's hair presents an opportunity to illustrate how demons often camouflage their occupation of objects native to our realm. Many of them overlap each other, the distinction between any given two being color, opacity, size and positional offset (from a shared center point). It's a bit of work to demonstrate, in that to highlight each of the heads that overlap would require making enhancements to the first, presenting them, and then undoing them to make enhancements to the other (prior to presenting it).

Following is the video from which the enhanced still frame was taken (notice the moving mouths of the demons):

I'm not sure what kind of questions Rodney might have for me now that he has is aware that the problem is a little closer to him than he thought it was at the time of the show; however, whatever they may be, I will be ready and willing to answer them.

Update: next day
Following is a conversation between Rodney and I a day after this post:

A conversation initiated by Rodney Shortridge, host of Within the Chaos, a day after this post
Surprisingly, Rodney had no further questions, which is quite surprising. Most people I know who have spotted demons even from afar want to know more. I guess if I had more to tell, I'd tell it, and without being asked; but, I really don't. What would that be, if I did? Wash, rinse, repeat?

Following is the same image sent to Rodney via Facebook Messenger during our conversation (above):
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