Sunday, February 10, 2013

#510 - VIDEO | Little demon makes noise at front door to frighten

Typically, during periods of high demonic activity (or demonic attack), demons and humans alike make noise or create visuals that make it seem like my apartment is surrounded and about to be invaded or broken into.

One such way is to make noise around the front door in a way that makes you feel like someone is really there, and, because they make it only when I go to another room (i.e., the bathroom), that they want to sneak in.

Although it's sometimes other things, the source of today's noise looked like a miniature demon, flitting around on the floor in front of the front door (it looks like a speck, or something on the end of a string—a common gang-stalker tactic):
The little black speck at the far right edge of the crack under the door seems to be blowing away by a draft at first; then, it changes direction a couple of times, indicating that it is, in fact, a miniaturized demon (which look—and act—like dirt at that size...or any size for that matter)
I discovered this by placing my video camera on the bathroom floor and pointing it through the crack at the bottom of the door:

To see other videos showing the type of paranoia-inducing activities of demons and humans during a demonic attack, go to:

#509 - VIDEO | Neighbors and shadow demons prowl, fight late night

This video has just about everything; in fact, you'll have to watch it four times just to see it all.

On the first pass, watch the video full screen with the brightness of your display set to the highest setting; also, tilt your display upwards or downwards 5° to 15°, or until the dark figures of shadow demons contrast with the shadow in the yard sufficiently so you can more easily observe their super-fast movements and genie-like pouring into the ground as they leave. You're looking for people's shadows in the center of the video, which look like people, but move lightning quick, just like the two "speed-walkers" in another video showing two guests approaching my house about 30 miles per hour in the shadows and a normal pace while in the light [watch Speed-Walkers on YouTube]; and, some of them shrink into nothing as they leave, just like the little lipstick-stealing demon in VIDEO | Little demon runs off with woman's lipstick.
NOTE | To see what a shadow demon looks like, go to VIDEO | Shadow demon revealed by inability to reproduce shadow of beer bottle.
On the second pass, watch the fight closely, keeping an eye on the two fighters' abnormal size and position changes as they make their way towards the camera. Sometimes, they appear larger than they should, having made no appreciable movement towards the camera; other times, the people around them seem to briefly change into altogether different persons.

On the third pass, watch for cloaked and hooded figures that walk into the scene right after the fight. They look like Jawas, but are much closer to human height. One of them takes off at an unnaturally fast rate; another morphs into a person. These demons may be hard to discern unless you are familiar with the general shape of cloaked and hooded demons, and otherwise have much experience identifying them in the dark. Still, the pointy back of their hoods should be enough.

On the final pass, watch for flashing lights at eye level. Also, watch people's shadows that appear at the far edges of the video, which, in some cases, are their fast-moving shadow demon döppelgängers.This video was made from my apartment window; the events took place next door [for more videos showing demonic activity next door, see VIDEO | Neighbors participate in demonic torture ritual; see also PHOTO | Mask of a hobgoblin demon?].

I shot another small video of this crowd a few minutes before the one shown above by accident while setting up my camera.

In it, you can see more "weird lights" stuff on the left side, towards the end of the video; in particular two pairs of red lights, traveling up into the air. They look like taillight; but, nobody was driving in that direction, which is the end of the court I live on, and certainly not that fast. It may have been demon orbs reflecting off the window.

You can also see two hobgoblin demons run towards the driveway located in the center of the video, coming from the right, at speeds no human could: