Saturday, September 1, 2012

#387 - PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences

By blocking every positive thought and interrupting every pleasurable experience that they can, the demons hope to induce insanity in their victims, a tactic hoping to achieve the same effects as bullying and stalking, which are described at length in Studies conducted on the effects of demonic stalking and bullying.

In addition to the non-stop harassment by the Voices Demons—both to me and to others around me—there is also physical violence from any kind or number of demons (although, primarily, sucker demons), as well as the usual intimidation tactics, which has already been discussed on this blog, and which include the forming of the stylized number eight, as discussed in PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts.
NOTE | All Voices Demons, whether mine or someone else's, do this the same way, as is clearly shown in AUDIO | Voices demons harass visitor to my apartment.
That trend is still continuing, even while it is a laughable reminder at the pathetic strength of a horde of half-blended, half-cloaked, half-wit demons. In the following still frames, which were taken from two separately made videos of "pleasurable experiences," the stylized number eight was formed out of cords:
The same stylized eight, made out of a USB cable and left in a chair
In the above still frame, you can see the stylized number eight made out of a electric fan's power cord, which I didn't notice until I watched the video later. This video was made at the same approximate time as the events described in these posts:
The stylized number eight, made out of the power cord to an electric fan, unbeknownst to me until I saw it on video
The same stylized eight shown in the still frame above was made out of a USB cable I left on the floor, and was left in the chair I just got out of. The hand that was holding the video camera was directed to record this, so I wouldn't miss it. This particular incident occurred during the same series of events described in these posts:

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