Saturday, September 1, 2012

#386 - VIDEOS | Naked, demon-possessed man writhing on floor helps animate, transport demons

Now released, for the first time, are all six clips in the video collection showing a naked man (Oliver), writhing on my apartment floor in the throes of demon possession, and helping demons move from one hyperdimensional portal to another, and also animating hobgoblin demons by pulling their spirits from a portal under the table and infusing them with makeshift physical bodies, which are made out of the dirty clothes he pulled from his backpack.
Thumbnails of scenes in the six-clip video collection of Oliver Helps the Hobgoblins
Previously, only the relevant portions of the video were released, which showed various forms of demonic activity, and which are provided and explained in the following posts:

However, as more data is provided on this blog and elsewhere about the impact the Voices Demons' "program of recalcitrance to the Lord God, Tuzzo" has on not only the intended victim, but also on the people who participate (see Gang-stalker mocks demon problem before accosted by demons himself), the remaining portions of the video are now just as relevant:
Although the clips show only about 11 minutes, collectively, they cover the span of a four-hour period of time of non-stop writhing, furniture-moving and demon communication and transport.

Note that many of the more interesting portions of the videos were removed by the Voices Demons, who are kept constantly busy at covering their tracks in a desperate attempt to maintain the appearance of non-malevolence to some, while trumping up their agenda and work to maintain the image of the epitomy of evil to others.

I guess it's true what I was told by the same entity who put a stop to the first wave of demonic attacks that lasted from age 5 and until age 8, and who visited me briefly at my old Santa Clara apartment at 3311 Princeton Way #5 to impart this piece of information and tactical advice: their reputation is everything.

(To my friend, by the way: Angels have beautiful smiles.)

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