Sunday, September 2, 2012

#391 - READER | Grandmother attacked by green-eyed, fanged demon

A reader of The Life of a Demoniac (demonic, Joseph Hernandez, describes perfectly one of the varieties of demons I now face, and even describes something that I haven't yet on the blog: that this variety becomes more solid in appearance as time goes on.

Gmail - Your Request to The Life of a Demoniac for help

His grandmother, a citizen of Manteca, California, is the victim, and I explain in a series of e-mail just how deadly these demons will be to her.

In my closet at 471 East Julian Street in San Jose, the skeleton-like head of a demon slowly emerging from its realm, mounted its head on top of the neck in a hanging jacket. Over time, he became more and more visible; and, at one point, he became physically violent. At that time, I took a can of hairspray and a lighter and burnt it until it disappeared into a fuzzy haze, and I am recommending the same thing to anyone experiencing this problem.

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