Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#393 - Tactics advisory riles long-time cyberstalker

Right on the heels of a post penning the role of Voices Demons as those who prepare humans for demonic possession, and within 5 minutes of issuing this tactics advisory to those afflicted by Voices Demons...
#1 Tactic against Voices Demons: Ignore and mock them. If you can't shut them out, make fun of everything they say.
...I received this by e-mail:
From: "Anonymous"
Date: Sep 5, 2012 3:02 PM
Subject: James Kristoff is 52 years old
he lies on Adam4Adam and his Craigslist ads saying he's 40 or something equally dumb. He's also into the whole Hawaii thing because he thinks it makes him sound sophisticated. In reality he's a real ass and has something very much in common with you, his dick is the size of a small raisin. Tis true, a sunmaid raisin and his dick are the same size.
Now what's the deal with you? I was feeling sorry for you being homeless. then I read an ad on Craigslist on Aug. 19 where you write you are looking to pNp, party, looking for supplies, you know the words.  And then on Aug 25 you post another ad writing you are looking for fisting and scat.
Spare us the demons thing, you have AIDS dementia. either you are a total self-destructive liar or somebody has it totally in for you by posting fake ads with your pictures, trying to set you up and bring you down. You portray yourself as one big victim of circumstance but never take responsibility for anything.
Finally, it was totally your doing to have your penis clipped and balls crushed. Nobody forced that on you, stop making stuff up about that also.
Demons do not exist, your brain is fried on meth and HIV.
Wouldn't be surprised if Julio Osuna and you exchange body fluids cause he hangs out at the Watergardens, he's a prostitute and totally diseased meth addict HIV+ too.
Joseph Ortiz
Performance Foodservice Group Ledyard
Santa Cruz, CA
This isn't the first e-mail I've received from this person, as described in Bizarre communication usually follows demonic attacks.

Once, I received a death threat by mail, which I believe to be from the same person, which is shown in Death threat letter given to SJPD as evidence and Death threat mailed to former home:
This death threat was accompanied by a series of altered nude photos of me

Evidence of this ongoing theme can also be found in song, one of which can be heard in TRANSCRIPT | Yet another song about my sexual preference and penis and HOME | Resident's family heckles about sexuality, penis.
NOTE | Everything this guy has said is everything every Voices Demons' collaborator has tried to use to bother me (even though, in reality, it simply outs them as demon people), and is also what the Voices Demons say to me, daily, except that they have admitted to me and others to causing injury to my genitals.

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