Thursday, April 26, 2012

HOME | Roommate fails to pay old electric bill, power disconnected

I am unable to charge my cellphone and laptop at my new haunted apartment today, due to an unexpected power outage, which was caused by my roommate's failure to pay an old electric bill, according to the landlord.

The power went out sometime after my roommate left for work, which starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday night or Sunday morning. He works in at a San Francisco residence as a caretaker for an elderly woman.

As a consequence, not only can I not use either of these devices, but my food will be ruined unless power is restored immediately. And, without lights, nighttime seems a little bit darker when you're inside a demon-infested apartment.

This latest roommate-related problem falls right on the heels of two other incidences, one in which he locked me out five times over the past two days, and another in which his angry threats resulted in the overnight ouster from the apartment by police four days.

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