Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some demonic animals feel "fuzzy," numb hand

Some demonic animals feel "fuzzy" and cool when you pass your hand through them.

That's right: <i>through them</i>. You'll probably never get close enough to a wild animal of the demonic variety to touch it when it's not partially cloaked.

That was certainly the case tonight, when I noticed an undulating grayish-black haze around the edge of my bed, and then reached for it.

When I touched it, I felt the familiar cool, windy sensation of a demonic animal's cloak,by the usual fuzziness that numbs your hand.

I was first introduced to these types of creatures in August 2011 (see, and they were frequent guests in my apartment until December. They were also common in my and my childhood home.

Based on my experience only, I am guessing that they are not intended to be here; rather, I think they slip through with a sloppy traveling demon (kind of like when you let flies into the house because you didn't shut the door quick enough).

I should have known that they might be around because the place they come from has a very distinct odor (like St. Louis, a city in which I otherwise adore).

All day long I could smell the same smell from before that accompanies them.

Now, if I could just remember which demon it is that let's them in.

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