Monday, April 16, 2012

Sucker demon caught on video tangling sheets

A sucker demon, which looks identical to the one in Oliver Conceals a Sucker Demon, slithered in-and-out of my sheets and clothes yesterday, and is shown in a video, sling-shotting out from behind my makeshift pillow, after messing with my blankets, which similar to Demon Pulls, Shakes Pillow. In that video, a small, man-skeleton-like creature is shown on video yanking on my pillow as I try adjust it.


Small as these things might seem—particularly, considering the other demonic antics I've endured—they  have taken a huge toll on my health, not to mention the tax this has placed on my mind overall.

These two videos were only made about six months apart; but, every night since, I have been deprived of sleep in this way. As a consequence, I have aged 10 years in less than three.

This is not just a random consequence of the demons' actions—demons that can kill me at a moment's notice; rather, it is the specific intent. Not only do they announce this intent—as well as others—on a daily basis, they have a specific use for it.

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