Saturday, April 14, 2012

Voices Demons use sucker demons to deform, bore holes in skull

Every night for at least 6 months, spider-like sucker demons have been 'biting' the same spot on the back of my head with a needle-like appendage that feels like it penetrates through the skin, as described in [blog]. They are a cross between the 'eye spiders' presented in [blog] and the snake-like sucker demons presented on this blog.

The Voices Demons order them to do this, and they claim that they are creating a hole in my brain, similar to a lobotomy or the holes left by certain kinds of illegal street drugs. They call it, "masturbating a hole in [my] 'noggin."

The effects are now visible on the surface of my scalp, where the skin is scabbed and burnt:

The drill site, which is surrounded by deformities in the topography of my skull

Sucker demons deform skeletal tissue when anchored to body

Sucker demons' frequent and prolonged anchoring to my skull caused deformities
Surrounding the location of the drill site, for lack of a better term, are deformities in the once-smooth topography of my skull, which were visible in less than six months time.

These are not the only abnormalities in my skull. Cartilage has been removed from my nose, nerves have been damaged or cut in my face, muscle tissue has been degraded in key areas on my face (apparently, these creatures break muscle down somehow—probably by cutting nerves), and holes have already been drilled in my eye sockets. Scars from surgical incisions—from surgeries I know nothing about—can be found inside my noise, mouth and eye sockets.

They have also, just to be themselves (or, "make a point"), removed a childhood dog-bite scar from around my mouth, replaced it with a different looking one, and then put it back again, multiple times.

Once, they told me to look in the mirror; when I did, had hair one minute, but not the next. Nearly six years later, I found out that the hairs were individual sucker demons.

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