Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DRAFT (NO PEEKING): Extensive damage to eyes, glasses stolen

After 'masturbating' on my eyesight all day and night long yesterday, the demons stole my glasses, too. Consequently, work on a computer is difficult today.
NOTE | 'Masturbate' or 'masturbating' is the Voices Demons word choice for causing me physical pain or injury, and is used with the intention of making it sound or feel like it is my fault.
That shouldn't make much of a difference, considering that I am nearsighted—or, at least I was; but, now, there are one-and-a-half computer screens in front of me (not literally), and that happened overnight.

My only option is VMC for getting an eye doctor's examination, which almost puts me between a rock and hard place (see Santa Clara Valley Medical Center staff tied to demons).

On or around the day the Voices Demons announced that they were going to blind me—the announcement that launched this blog, in fact (see Demon attacks)—I would record on video my face whenever a demon put its hand (or whatever) on (or in) my eye, which is one method of blinding me and punishing me at the same time (see Cloaked sucker demon sent to punish caught on video, burns head for more on my interaction with these demons on a day-to-day basis, as it relates to punishment).

(Another method might be inducing diabetes, which was the stated goal of the gang-stalkers in 2006. After Paul Casey and Julie Hoene ended their occupation of my home that summer (see Night of the Gun Chase, coming soon), I found a vial of insulin in some of their belongings they left behind, confirming enough for me that they had intended to make good on that threat at some point.)

For awhile, that would stop it; and, I have many a recording of just my face while working or trying to relax. But, now that have seen that no one is trying to stop them, it no longer works.

The video in Left eye focus of demonic assault, video shows red marks on skin and demon responsible shows the tell-tale signs of a cloaked demon—a marked distortion in the chroma (or color noise) floating in the air, which always accompanies demonic activity—a distortion in the shape of an arm, or other appendage, wrapped around the side of my face and attached to my eye.
NOTE | Unlike the chroma on video, this chroma is also visible to the naked eye. On video, however, the chroma from demonic activity is more pronounced; so, as a demon moves through the chroma field, it wraps around his otherwise invisible body, creating the shape of the demon. A perfect example of this can be found on the video in the above-referenced blog.
[Tongues touching Scratchen's eyes]

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