PICS | More tree demons carved in the bark

All the tree demons I've ever seen form out of leaves, artfully arranging them in a giant, ghoulish faces that draw your attention right when you're positioned at the optimal viewing distance and angle, except for the one shown in PICS | Demons carve faces in bark, not just leaves, which is molded from bark.

That was the first and the last bark demon I've seen until a couple of weeks ago. Following is one still frame of several I took from a video made on a drive during a period of high demonic activity:

Displaying IMG_1083.PNG Displaying IMG_1084.PNG
The most-prominent palm tree in this still frame shows a Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' profile (near the bottom of the trunk's dead foliage)Same still frame shown above, enlarged
The other still frames show pretty much the same; this was not the clearest or best, but it is what is left.


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