Monday, October 27, 2014

VIDEO | Demons slide man into camera's path to preclude recording

While trying to record demonic activity two nights ago, demons physically slid a man sitting between us in the way of my camera in order to shield themselves from detection. The following video clip shows this, plus a man seemingly unaware that he has been moved at least three feet to his right, as he remains motionless throughout the movement:

This is not the only incidence of people being used to hide things things from my camera, nor is it the first time synchronization has been shown to occur in demon people. Both are shown and discussed in Synchronized movements key indicator of joint demonic activity by demon-possessed.

This video makes three fairly decent examples of synchronization, and demons' ability to covertly and discretely involve themselves in the minutiae of one's life, if so enabled and allowed.

It also shows the control they can have over the space they occupy. Coupled with their ability to reposition objects, and otherwise bend and maneuver matter as if it were putty, one could easily infer how difficult maneuvering through a demon-infested environment.

Demon people sometimes attempt to be problematic in this way by raising and lowering sidewalk and pavement in front of a target (in order to trip them).

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