Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PHOTOS | Underlying demon revealed in video in motion

Whenever the room is full of the red, blue and green snow you see so prominently on video during periods of high demonic activity (called chroma), my face appears to transform into that of a centurion demon when I move my head quickly, or when the camera is in fast motion:
My brow, nose, ears, mouth and teeth change into the likeness of a centurion demon

This phenomenon is identical to that described in PHOTO | Video in motion reveals woman's hobgoblin demon underpinnings, in which the motion of the camera revealed a woman's overlaying (or underlying) hobgoblin demon; but, it is different from both what is shown in VIDEO | Elf demon morphs back into human mask, which is a physical transformation—not an overlay of chroma—and in VIDEO TIMELINE | Demon in the Dark, which looks the same, but is an actual possession by which the entity appeared and acted of its own volition (neither me nor the camera were in motion when the demon in the dark appeared, whereas the camera obviously had to be in motion to make the demon in this new video clip appear, as was the case in the video of the hobgoblin-demon possessed woman).
A slightly enhanced version of the image shown above, which better highlights the pointed ear, protruding brow ridge and protruded lips of a centurion-like demon
Here is the series of still frames (in order from human to demon to human) from the portion of a video made yesterday, which show the apparent transformation of my face to demon and then back again:
Compare to the above two images for reference

Morphed to a demon face

Ended with a human face again