Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PHOTOS | Physical attributes of orlock expressed during periods of high demonic activity

Don't read this post until you've read VIDEO | Orlock-like face morphs into a human one and watched the video of the man's morphing from that of an orlock to his own; without having done this first, this post will just look crazy.

I wasn't sure that elf was the right word to describe my new profile as it appears in this still frame, and which was taken from a couple of short segments in a video made yesterday (no motion required, as was necessary to see me as a centurion demon in PHOTOS | Underlying demon revealed in video in motion).
The most significant thing about this still frame of an orlock demon is that the video was not in motion
Typically, my face does not take on these elf-like qualities unless video is made of the camera panning across my face; and, only then during periods of high demonic activity.
Only my face takes on the sharp-angular curve and the pointy nose and ears in videos made during periods of high demonic activity; all others turn into glowing-eyed demons (or hobgoblin demons)
Moreover, you can only see the transformation by viewing individual still frames taken from the portion of a video in which either I or the camera is in motion.
The hooked nose and pointy ear are sharper than the other facial features, which is characteristic of all cloaked body parts (and entities) on digital video
The hooked nose is what made me think of fairy tales, and the pointy ears made me think of elves; but, that drooping ear lobe isn't consistent with what I've seen of elves (in books, of course). Plus, elves are typically portrayed as good characters, and nothing good possesses your body. So, that probably means that whatever I turned into is probably something else.

On a whim, I searched for hooked nose pointy ears on Google and stumbled upon orlocks, which made perfect sense after reading one description, which said that orlock features include pointed ears, extra-long fingers with claw-like nails, narrow, hooked nose with a bald head, a very angular face, and spindly limbs.
The most famous orlock, Max Schreck from Nosferatu
In the motion blur in many of my past videos—too many to be a coincidence—my fingers seem to form into long claws, as does at least one other person that I recorded on video; and, the elongated fingers are not from the blur (or motion) trail, either. Cloaked body parts don't blur on camera, even when it's in motion (although, they smudge, depending on the proximity to the camera); rather, they are simply revealed, albeit oversaturated in color. The knuckles, or finger joints, are clearly visible, and are evenly spaced and side-by-side on a horizontal keel.
Max Schreck had two pointy fangs, with no central incisors between them, like vampires do
The world's most famous orlock, Max Schrek, from the movie Nosferatu (shown above) has two fangs in the front of his mouth, with no teeth in between; and, as luck would have it, I captured video of two orlock-like fangs on video, thinking at the time that a morphing demon had recorded itself:
Apparently, I was expressing my orlock fangs in this video, and not watching a morphing demon (or, I was watching both...yikes!)
Note that orlock dentia contrasts with vampires', in that between Dracula's fangs, for example, there are the same two central incisors that humans have. I like that better; but, orlock fangs are definitely more sav(age), which probably goes a long way in their world, to be sure.

Here are a few stills from a video, showing a man's hand that is identical to an orlock's, and showing my pointy ears and the beginnings of a sloped nose:
My date's hand is shown in an elongated and enlarged state, which, to some, may appear as a motion blur or the downside of using an iSight camera; but, the problem with that assumption is this: the blur from the motion of his hand (in the video) appears to be trailing the opposite direction as it would be expected to—in other words, the elongation if his hand precedes its movement in the video

I'm searching now for another video, in which my hands are also elongated, with claw-like fingernails.

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