Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PHOTO | Sucker demons pass through fabric and anchor to face

A typical part of the attacks by the demons I'm fighting includes sending hordes of sucker demons to harass and annoy me while I'm in bed. They've done this for over a year that I know of, more days than not. Last night was no exception, which lasted for two nights straight, and at least 16 hours each time.

Unfortunately, portraying a sucker demon attack in photos and video is next to impossible due to a sucker demon's preference for staying cloaked (i.e., invisible), and their size, as the type of sucker demons used in the above-described scenario are, at their thickest, as thin as yarn; they also move lighting-fast; moreover, their cloak will keep them from being seen from a normal distance by the camera unless the camera is in motion (shooting up-close is the exception, if you can get close).

NOTE | For more details on a demon's methods for dodging a camera, and to learn how to defeat their photo-evading tactics, read TIP | Blending Quicktime Video Layers to Penetrate Demon Cloaks.

As a consequence of this physical attributes and the workarounds for penetrating a cloak, any sucker demon recorded with a digital camera will appear distorted and blurry, oversaturated (if black), much larger than it actually is (due to the way emissions from their cloak registers with camera sensors), and might be masked by motion blurs.
NOTE | To learn why certain cloaked demons can be seen by digital camera technology, but not by the naked eye, read Invisible demons detectable by radiation emission; it contains a video of a cloaked hobgoblin demon that was invisible to the human eye, but was visible to the camera.
Lucky for me, I have captured enough video footage of these attacks that I have a wide selection of still frames to choose from, which has allowed me to show some of the kinds of activities sucker demons engage in during an attack. But, even with all that footage, it is only since early this morning am I able to show a sucker demon passing through material, while attaching itself to its target.

Specifically, I acquired a still frame from the video made during the attack that shows at least four black sucker demons that have passed through the surface of my pillow, and attached to my jaw (they look like tiny black pins, sticking out of the side of my face, and down into the pillow):
Four sucker demons, passed through the pillow's surface, attached to the side of my face
The image suffers from all of the setbacks to quality described above, in that the sucker demons are too small, and look unnatural in color, and are unusually sharp compared to the blurriness of the rest of the image:
Blue-gray tendrils extend from the side of my face, and through the surface of the pillow
Having previously lacked an image of a sucker demon passing through my bedsheets to attack has prevented me from telling what is perhaps the most significant part of my story regarding demon attacks, and has kept untold important information on the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the demonic army now invading the Northern Bay Area of California, and what is arguably the most powerful weapon in existence (or even conceived of in any work of fiction writing).

But, for the purposes of this blot, I'll limit this post to just what this picture shows, and how that ties in with information provided in other posts about sucker demon attacks.

Although I don't specifically remember what the sucker demons shown above are doing (the attacks are constant, from every angle, and involve any number of sucker demons), they are probably attempting, preparing, or doing any of the following:
  • adding resistance to head movement, in order to cause fatigue and strain;
  • adjusting the position of my head to cause discomfort or pain;
  • causing nervous and muscle tension, which is usually not fully appreciable until after the sucker demon was removed;
  • deforming or reshaping the underlying bone tissue, as was first described in Skull disfigured in just two days in sucker demon attacks; and/or,
  • causing a sensation, ranging from the slightest indication of their presence, to burning or needling pain.
This would be just one more example of sucker demons attacking out of so many previously posted on this blog, except that it allows me to explain what it takes to remove them from me and out of my sheets and pillows, and to show how I ruined my fingers and nails, instead of just describing it as in Nerves, fingernails damaged from fighting sucker and eye spider demons.

In the next post, Vanquishing sucker demons from the bedroom, I describe how I remove an attacking sucker demon from your body and your sheets.

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