Thursday, June 28, 2012

VIDEO | What fire from Hell looks like

I'm not sure what this is yet; this video was made on the same day and at the same place as Man Conceals Ginseng Root Demon Up His Sleeve, and on the same day that a centurion demon rose from the floor in the bedroom at the end of the hallway while I was vacuuming and tried to wrestle the sweeper away from me.
A burst of demonic flame wraps around a door just above the knob
NOTE | I had to completely pretend nothing happened because I was helping a friend (Long) clean his housekeeping customer's house, and I didn't want to mess up his business. Look at my poker face in the video; that means I'm getting way too used to this kind of stuff.
In the following video, the far door has some sort of energy wrapping around it near the doorknob at the following time indices: 0:00; 0:19; 0:29; 0:34; 0:51; 0:53; 0:58; 1:05; 1:25; and 2:07:

A lot happened that day and at that place, obviously—much of which I saw (or felt)—but, this I didn't see and can't explain. It is obviously not normal though. Pixelation in the shape of a funny-looking demon can sort of be seen at the beginning near the door knob, probably indicating a demon of some kind.
My guess is there is a cloaked demon by the door, and he is touching the door in our space (versus his) and a reaction of some kind is occurring. If that's the case, I imagine he is "burning" his fingers, which, if that's the case, to this day, he likely has little sensation left in them.
How do I know this? Multiple incidences of hand-to-hand combat between me and other demons has reduced the feeling in the tips of the fingers on my left hand by nearly 25%, which I have used to tear the outer layer of same in order to expose their inner fluids to air, which evaporate immediately after their drum-tight skin is permeated.
COMING SOON | SCIENCE | Do demons bleed?
If the things wrapping around the edge of the door were black—and reached all the way to where I was—I would immediately assume that they were tongue demons, which are forked tongues that are living, breathing demons that are so gentle and hypoallergenic that they can touch your eyeball without pain with the tips of themselves from over 50 yards away. I have videos of those, which are forthcoming.
NOTE | Tongues demons are shoestring-thin and lightning fast, so they don't show up well on crappy camera equipment; I've been holding off on releasing videos showing them until I've built up enough credibility with videos where there's obviously something going on before I ask people to take a leap of faith and believe that the quick, jagged black lines in a poorly made video are demons in the shape of yards-long tongues.
Touching your eyeballs is also how they warn you back, too; they will poke your eyes (not hard—but you get their drift real quick) when you are walking in a direction they do not want you to. That would generally be where their host demons (they like to live inside a demon's mouth, if not a hole in the wall) are posted up, and don't want to be bothered.