Saturday, June 30, 2012

READER | Former jailhouse buddy provides evidence of demonic camouflage

James Strickland, former jail friend and current Facebook friend, took this photo on a nightly walk during a high period of demonic activity in the Bay Area:
Demons blend with leaves of tree to create general shape
He only posts one picture, whereas I have 100 of hours of videos showing the same type of phenomenon; but, it is a very poignant example, all the same, in that trees don't grow like this...ever.
James Strickland, former jailhouse buddy, current Facebook friend
There are no thunderstorms, tornados, frosts, or heavy downpours—or even wind—in the Bay Area to cause a tree to form like this. And, I'll bet that if I took a look at this tree now, it probably wouldn't look like this right now; but, during certain times, it would go right back to its shape.

As I've previously alluded before: my situation is not unique. It is predominant among all people in the Bay Area.

I simply cannot explain why more people don't talk about it; but, perhaps it's because they are not waging war against evil, as I feel forced (but privileged) to do.