Friday, June 29, 2012

HOME | Police report detailing tirade by former roommate

The police report documenting the crazed antics of Victor Salazar, my former roommate at 3311 Princeton Way #5, in Santa Clara, California:
Santa Clara Police Report (Victor Salazar)
As partially described in the report, after the third day of my initial tenancy at the apartment, Victor Salazar kicked open the front door, and launched into a tirade of threats and expletives until police arrived.
The chain lock was destroyed when my roommate suddenly
(and inexplicably) kicked our front door open
He was escorted from the premises for the night, after I declined to prosecute.

A complaint for damages for the property stolen by Victor Salazar has been prepared (it is on this site) and is pending review by the Superior Court; a temporary restraining order was declined, but will be refiled until issued.

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