Friday, June 29, 2012

VIDEOS | Demons use my bedspread four times to frighten

No wonder I can't get a second date.

The same bedspread that the mother demon and its baby blended with two days ago has leaped up at me twice, and formed the face of a talking blanket demon once—all of which is on video.
In Blanket Demon I, my bedspread leaps off my bed and into my face
Does that make it a haunted bedspread, or do demons just use whatever is available?
In Blanket Demon II, my bedspread leaps up from the floor
At the time, there wasn't much in my apartment to use, and blankets are far more malleable than other materials, and hold their shape better. I assume that demons expend more energy forming their faces and bodies with glowing light, and less by shaping blankets.
When viewed through a light tunnel aperture, the blanket demon's face is revealed
The mother-child demon video makes the fourth video that shows my bedspread in demonic action; it can be seen in Hobgoblin Demons birth offspring.
A mother demon and its child blend with the bedspread, which was folded up and stored on a shelf
The other three videos that show my bedspread animated by a demon include:
  1. Blanket Demon I
  2. Blanket Demon II
  3. Blanket Demon, Face-to-Face
All of these bedspread possessions occurred at 471 East Julian Street, in San Jose, California, where the bedspread is used. I now use new bedding, which has remained unhaunted so far (the table lamp, though, still slowly moves by itself).