Thursday, May 3, 2012

READER | Criticism over quality of videos not useful to person injured by demons

In his May 3rd, 2012, comment regarding my Camouflage Terror post, James Bobst, a member of the Facebook group, Paranormal, wrote:
so what's up with the little woman? at lest thats what it look like in the pic on the left.but the pic on the right it look like a grade 3 "shadow person"
"what is a grade 3 shadow person" your going to ask.......
Perhaps to his dismay, I didn't ask what a grade 3 shadow person is, primarily because I don't care; instead, I responded accordingly:
I take it you're not fan. That's okay; I can live with that, I think. But, I'd like to point out that I simply post what I see and hear. I'm not a professional photographer, and I have bad equipment for doing this kind of thing. Also, I don't rely on any one particular video or photo or witness account; rather, I rely on all of them, collectively. Surely, somewhere in my collection, you've seen something that you don't have a problem with, and that that's enough to help you get through any sticking point you might have on the others. If not, well, I'm no expert, nor am I trying to be. I don't grade the demons that slice and burn my body. I just tell people about it. Useful advice and assistance makes much more sense in my situation to me than criticism or sparring over semantics and grades and classifications and terminology does. After all, I don't actively seek this kind of thing, and I'm not particularly thrilled about it, either. I take great personal risk in broadcasting what's going on, not only the risk of getting hurt even more so, but the risk of ruining any reputation I might have salvaged from the fallout of this problem.