Friday, May 4, 2012

WEB SITE | Gang-stalking and demonic activity linked

Did you know that there is a link between gang-stalking and demons? You do now.

In 2 Worlds, a web site that preceded my blog by several years, is someone else's explanation for the same problems I am having.
In 2 Worlds explores the non-conventional aspects of gang-stalking—a demonic tool of evil
It accurately describes many, many things in which I have yet to touch on; but, they lack the photos and videos that I have, which prove that I know what I'm dealing with, even if this web site has a better description of how it all works together; but, the bottom line is, between the my former web site, The Sunnyvale Knock, this blog and In 2 Worlds, the link between gang-stalking and demons has never been clearer.

Or, it will be.

Planned updates to this post will include the parallels between the information on In 2 Worlds and this blog, so that those who do not understand where gang-stalking comes from and where gang-stalkers get their information and resources and ideas and abilities can now understand.
NOTE | Gang-stalking is how I was first attacked by demons as an adult, and is the basis of The Sunnyvale Knock web site published in 2006, which described my life as a victim of gang-stalking. It had 'normal' content on it at the time; but, with my newly acquired videos and other information, it now makes me look like I was clueless (which, in a way, I was).
If you want a better understanding of what it is like to be a victim of demonic entities and, in particular, gang-stalking, then In 2 Worlds is required reading. It'll also help you understand my mindset and motives for what I do and how I do it, which will help you more easily follow along with the topics presented in my blog.