Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FBI letter goes unanswered in demon-led attack by cop

NOTE | This is a "feeler" post, intended to determine where the best entry point is for readers when meshing the legal and other normal-looking problems that were caused by demons with the fact that they were caused by demons.
Whether or not you believe that demons were involved in a cop attack, the resulting injuries are evident and indisputable
If the following two letters show how to write to the FBI to request an investigation into an incident of cop brutality, how do you re-write them to include your incontrovertible proof of demonic involvement?

Request for FBI Investigation in re Brutality Claim against San Jose Police Officer Miguel Flores (#3881)

Follow-up Letter to the FBI in re Investigation of Brutality Claim against San Jose Police Officer Miguel F...

These letters describe an assault at the hands of San Jose Police Officer Miguel Flores (#3881) the night I was arrested by him (which, by the way, was followed by three years of incarceration).

At the time they were written, I was mum on the word, "demon," even though I knew this to be a demon-led attack by and through the Voices Demons, and through the recorded conversation between two people in-the-know (see Secret recording of conversation reveals demonic agenda). I expected the assault to happen, and, obviously, I wasn't disappointed; and, of course, I knew of their explicit role in the incident that led to a broken shoulder, a broken and shattered rib, and damage to my heart, resulting in cardiac arrhythmia.

Back then, however, I didn't have the proof that I do now—the proof that is found in the many hours of demonic activity videos and audio recordings, and, in a multitude of photos.

Now that I do, however, that begs a couple of questions, especially since I'm still in danger, and the FBI has not initiated an investigation, even though it is statutorily required that they do so. Here are those questions:
  1. How would these letters be re-written to include these facts?
  2. What would (or could) the FBI do about a demon problem that includes crooked cops?
  3. Do I even mention it at all? Or, should I continue to leave that part out, and just go with the standard set of facts (which are, by the way, sufficient unto themselves)?

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