Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PROOF | Other people have evidence of cloaked demons, orbs

I'm not the only one who has media (video, audio, photos) of demonic activity, as is shown by three photographs taken and posted by paranormal investigators from the KY Paranormal Research Group on Facebook.

In this post, I support the findings of the aforementioned research group by listing all my posts and videos that discussed what was later shown in the photographs.

All three photographs are plagued by the very chroma (or color noise) that is evident in nearly all of the videos and photographs I have taken, and which I have described in previous posts to this blog.
Chroma (or red, green and blue "snow") is also visible to
the naked eye, and occurs wherever demons are active
Some of the posts that discuss color noise include:
In one photo, the color noise highlights the face of a cloaked demon, which I do not recognize (it looks low-level and foot-soldier-ish; the face of higher-up has an air of distinction, and an aristocratic  appearance of refinement and education that is simply not found in this one).
The face of a cloaked demon
The best two videos that make the use of Quicktime video layer blending to create a demon from color noise include:

NOTE | These two videos are more fully described in Spectre of Death blends with shadow and window shade, phases out in walkway.
Another photo shows a blue orb next to someone's head:
A blue demon orb next to someone's head

Demon orbs are also shown in three of my videos:

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