Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#547 - PHOTOS | The Door Demon

In the same video by which the claw-grip hand attachment to the demonic extensible arm was discovered [see PHOTOS | Adjustable claw-grip hands replace possessed's for demon corpse clean-up], a demon recreated its visage using just shadow and light on a flat surface, specifically, by bending the light reflecting off my bathroom door:
Sharpened and contrast-adjusted still frame image, showing a demon's visage recreated by the interplay of light and shadow on my bathroom door
The same image, bordered by a semi-transparent mask for easier identification
The original still frame, in which both the door demon (above) and the blanket demon (below) can be seen simultaneously
The door demon is the first to bend light with its cloaked body to depict its face on a flat surface, which, by the way, is a pretty amazing feat. It must contort its form, while thicking and thinning varius parts of itself in order to create a lens or prism that would bend light in such a way as to cast its face on the door with it. By contrast, its close cousins, the blanket and pillow demons, rely on malleable material, creating dips and peaks in the fabric to create the shadows and highlights that depict their facial features.

Speaking of which, a blanket demon can be seen on the far right of the very same still frame, which perfectly illustrates the difference in the two methods demons use for recreating their faces on things found around your house:
The long, sloping forehead of a green blanket demon, which also has deep-set eyes hooded by a prominent brow, and a giant nose (the image in this still frame was sharpened and adjusted for contrast)
The same still frame as the above, but masked to highlight the blanket demon's face
The original still frame showing the blanket demon, above
Unlike the door demon, which cannot be seen without stopping the video at the still frames showing the demon, this blanket demon is best seen while watching the video uninterrupted:

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