Sunday, March 31, 2013

#552 - VIDEO/PHOTO | Smoke trails from head where demons burn insides

This is a draft; updates will continue today and tomorrow.

It's the form of violence that habitual abusers prefer; that is, the kind that produces no surface-visible evidence. Men who batter wives prefer to punch them in the stomach versus the face; that way, they can easily deny allegations of spousal abuse, if necessary, and can continue to abuse without any black eyes garnering unwanted attention.

This, however, has nothing to do with the Voices Demons, even though the signs of their abuse are buried underneath my skin. I say this not because I believe their claim that San Jose knows about and condones this form of violence; rather, I say it because it's a coincidence that the meanest and cruelest way to inflict harm on someone just happens to be underneath the skin, and that they, unlike man, can easily cause those harms.

By the way, the specific abuse I'm talking about is the burning of the inside of my head, which happens multiple times a day, daily, and has been going on for almost two months. You can smell whatever they are burning, which I overheard them call a "pituitary burn."

I'm assuming it's just that, too. The feeling makes me sick all throughout my body. My head hurts, of course; but, it immediately tires my body. Moreover, I may have felt depressed before in my life; but, lately, it's been an unnaturally low depression, one that I know isn't necessarily circumstantial or just the way my mind is wired.

Why my pituitary? Well, why have VMC's demonic collaborator, Dr. Krishnamurphy, cut off my testosterone replacement therapy arbitrarily? Both a loss of pituitary function and sudden cessation of testosterone therapy are known to cause depression that results in suicide; and, as I've said before, demons prefer suicide to murder, and the damage to my pituitary gland and testicles are demon-caused (they announced these things before they did them, and even told others). I've already attempted suicide twice because of them, and while they screamed at me and otherwise egged on the attempts [see ].

In a video made just yesterday, you cannot see the cloaked instrument or appendage of some demon (not sure which, as it varies) enter the area inside my head at or near the pituitary gland and burn it; what you can see is a stream of smoke, coming from a red, glowing dot, located between and just above my eyes, can be seen in a video of my ongoing torture by demons:

A color- and contrast-enhanced still frame using the new Google+ image enhancement filters, which shows a trail of smoke coming from a glowing, red dot on my forehead
The video, below, is best viewed in HD quality, and with the brightness of your monitor at its highest setting:

Here are a few still frames from the above video, which were enhanced by Twitter's auto-enhancement image filter:

Enhanced by Google+ Plus image filters

Enhanced by the Twitter image filter

By the way, the smoke comes from both the back of the head, and the only actual heat felt by me is at the base of the skull.

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