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#546 - PHOTOS | Adjustable claw-grip hands replace possessed's for demon corpse clean-up

On nearly any other display besides that of an iPhone 5 at its highest brightness setting, the images in this post appear too dark; when I can get to a desktop computer on which I can access (or install) GIMP or Photoshop, they will remain so. I will announce the update when made.

A recent series of still frames from a video made of [name removed] during a period of high demonic activity shows that the hands of demons and the demon-possessed can change not only into an array of needle-like blades for stabbing people in the head and vital organs [see PHOTOS | Humans—not just demons—take part in repeated piercings to head and vital organs], but also into a sort of picker similar to the kind attached to the arm of cranes commonly used in metal scrapyards:
The extensible claws of the newly discovered demonic hand bears a resemblance to robotic assembly equipment
As is made apparent by the still frame above, this newly discovered demonic hand substitute can be used to carry things too large or otherwise too unwieldy for a normal hand, judging by the size of the object being carried, as well as its near-perfect fit into the hands. That latter suggests that the palms can be expanded along their width to widen the hands' grip based on the width of the object they carry. Elongated fingers make carrying of objects more secure than human-sized fingers, and even more so by their circular arrangement around the top of the palm, in that, by comparison to otherwise, these fingers clamp objects from all critical angles.
A closer look at the "claw-grip" hand
I would also suspect that it's for carrying things you don't want to touch with your real hands. In
this case, that thing is the head and upper torso of a demon:
The head of a demon—sans body—in the clutch of the claw-grip demon hand, made visible because the subject was in motion when the image in this still frame was captured (image enlarged and rotated)
These body parts were disguised as a plastic container and a glass, but were exposed when the subject quickly passed by in front of my iPhone 5's digital video recorder:
When not in motion, the subject appears to be carrying a plastic container and cup (versus the head and upper torso 
It has been long established that a demon cannot project its illusions for both the human eye and a digital video camera simultaneously when the camera is in motion while recording, or when the object disguised by an illusion is in motion while the camera is recording; conversely, if both the object and camera are sitting still, the demon can successfully project an illusion to a person and a camera simultaneously.
NOTE | Based on past observations, I have come to a tentative conclusion that demons do not handle dismembered or amputated body parts they don't intend to eat; and, based on the recent cannibalistic practices of the subject, who, along with the Voices Demons, has been taking small bits of my flesh for her personal consumption, I surmise that it is possible this was either dinner or leftovers.
Both recently discovered demonic hands are likely attachment to a single, extensible arm
The thin, pole-like "arms" to which the claw-grip hands are attached (see photo, below), which are identical to those I observed bearing the spike-fingered hands on their ends, both types of demonic hands are likely attachments to that same arm:
Just like the spike-fingered hands, these claw-grip hands appear to be mounted on extensible arms, which are much thinner than a person's normal arms
That means that the hand described in this post and the spike-fingered hand are likely just two out of any number of other varieties of hands, and each person who can wield them has just one extensible arm.

If true, these are not natural or magically concocted hands and arms, as could be assumed by the photos; rather, you could just as easily assume that they are manufactured, and are otherwise mechanical/electronic in nature, especially when you consider that they seem to require a specific and unique hand or arm gesture by the wearer in order to operate them.

Although cloaked electronic equipment is rampant in my home, this is the first time I've seen anything but a demon and its clothes miniaturize. Both cloaking and miniaturization (which is likely an effect of hyperdimensional portal transfer, and not the continued presence of a demon once it shrinks) would make invisible the arms and hands, and would reduce their size for easy and concealed transport.

The suggested arm/hand combo could also be funneled through a hyperdimensional portal, which open routinely on (or in) the human body. That means they are sitting somewhere, waiting to be called by a wave of a person's hand.

Telepathic control likely guides demonic arms/hands
No matter whether the demonic arms/hands combo are tucked in someone's pockets or sit on a shelf in another dimension until called to action, they both have to be guided to their target or controlled like a hand by the wearer once they are called upon. The means by which either is accomplished is most likely telepathy. Mind-controlled machine experiments by humans proved that the melding of mental impulses and technology is possible; and, since telepathy is the primary way fourth-dimension entities communicate (meaning that it's been with them all of their lives), their early technological goals probably included machines that accepted thought as input.

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