Monday, November 26, 2012

#465 - PHOTO | Another new demon variety discovered

A couple of new photos taken tonight show a three-and-a-half-foot tall, white-headed and yellow-eyed cloaked and blended demon, sporting a black body suit, standing in front of a wire rack to my right:
The reflected profile of a short, white-headed demon, wearing a black jump suit (color-enhanced) The original photo was shot in the dark with a flash, the glare from which gives the photo a foggy and washed-out look
My camera was pointed at the mirror doors to my closet, which not only reflected the demon's image, but either polarized (or scattered?) the light reflecting off the mirror, allowing for the otherwise cloaked demon to be seen.
To learn how an invisible demon is revealed by light passing through it and/or reflecting onto it (versus direct light), read these posts:
To further enhance its visibility from a distance—while remaining nearly invisible close up—the demon also blended with objects of similar size, shape and color, which enhances the visibility of a cloaked demon, but only at a certain distance and at a certain angle. Up close, the objects the demon is blending with may not overlap the similar colors and shapes of the various parts of the demon's body, and, even if they do, they may not match in size.
NOTE | Blending while camouflaging allows a demon to be seen—and, therefore, sociable—while putting safe distance between the demon and any perceived danger, and while maintaining the relative security of invisibility when danger may otherwise be too close for comfort.
Unfortunately, all I was able to get were photos; when I switched my iPhone camera to the video camera, it was too dark. Usually, it's always the same. Causing electronics malfunctions is the last thing I would have thought that demons specialize in; but, when I say, "specialize," I mean it.

In fact, I'd say—if I didn't know better—that they invented all the stuff we use, and it's all designed in a way that allows for the designers to use in their ways, too, primarily, to keep us from using those things against them.

Breaking or disabling a camera is what comes to mind when I think of something evil not wanting to be photographed; but, to them, it makes more sense to make the camera malfunction as if by magic (when, in fact, I have seen with my own eyes a variety of sucker demon of the kind they deploy inside of people—we all have them—snake into my cellphone from my wrist, harden into something that looks like faded yellow, translucent wire or tube, and then keep from recording a conversation.
NOTE | They got burnt on such recordings a time or two in the past [see The web site that launched the demonic war], so I guess that's something they want to keep an eye on. Probably shouldn't be my biggest concern, though; sucker demons sliding out of your skin is bad.

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