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#463 - Possible meanings, purpose for number 8 symbol explored

The hobgoblin demon's stylized number eight—which looks like its namesake, but is modified at the top to resemble the shape of a hobgoblin demon's hood from its profile [see PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons stylize number eight into a logo of sorts]—is turning up frequently again, one of them as far as 2,373 miles away from where they first started appearing:
A power cord from an electric tool in a garage in Indiana was arranged into the demonic stylized eight, and was placed in my walking path shortly after a demon attack at another Indiana location
As usual, they pop up at or around the First Quarter, the moon phase during which hobgoblin demons traditionally attack [see Demons, portals most active during specific moon phases; see also Videos of demonic activity grouped by moon phase].
A laptop power electric fan power cord......and, a shoestring—is nothing safe?!
Because the practice of leaving numbered symbols in the view or path of victims is common among occult groups (such as the Illuminati), serial killers and the like, and because the hobgoblin demons do this, too [see PHOTOS | Hobgoblin demons attempt to induce insanity by blocking pleasurable experiences], I decided to look into what the number eight in particular might mean. That, plus the fact that this sort of demonic graffiti tagging has been a recurring element for me ever since the Voices Demons began in earnest their attack in 2006 convinces me that there is something there that might be useful—know thine enemy, and all that.
This "eight" requires the viewer to be at a specific angle-of-view to see it... ...similarly to last fall's rendition of the Face of Death... ...which was made out of clothes hangers hung in my closet
Demonic use of symbology terror tactics akin to gang graffiti—up to a point
Flashing numbers at a victim during a protracted attack is a common terror tactic employed by demons, and is akin to gang graffiti, probably, even to the point of marking territory, and otherwise indicating to those in-the-know the rules of engagement in that area and with the victim. With demons, the latter is more than likely, especially if the victim is engaged in dialog with Voices Demons.

But, it's not just spray painting the side of a building, or, in this case, the simple arranging of wires and cords into numbers. Whereas gangs publicly display their messages, demons make a private and intrusive display. So, the message will apply only to the victim, and it will be in their house or car or a place where access is (or should be) limited to only them and those to whom they give their consent to access.

SEE ALSO | A victim describes this tactic at work by Illuminati on In2Worlds: Number Sightings; an observer provides a fairly reasonable interpretation of these numbers from a victim's perspective on Forbidden Knowledge: The Hard Truth (Occult Symbolism Indicates Enemies Within Our Own Government).
Even then, that's still not the total effect, as demons will display their graffiti behind your back without you hearing or seeing or cause things to fall and land into a symbol or image. Imagine snuffing a candle, only to have the smoke form into a perfectly symmetrical, hobgoblin demon-stylized number 8—and, then, stay like that for a moment or two. Then, imagine being at a restaurant, where all the diners blow out their table candles at the same time, and the smoke from each forms the stylized number eight, also simultaneously.
During a hobgoblin demon "magic" attack, a USB cord falls into the stylized figure eight symbol now associated with this variety of demon
It's like that; and, that is a lot of effort. It makes sense, then, to research this phenomena at some point.

Search for meaning restricted to Google, possibilities limited to evil
Even with the extensive resources provided by the library of the Rosicrucian Order, located on the grounds of the Egyptian Museum in San Jose, I chose to conserve time by using Google instead. No more effort than that is really necessary, unless and until the meaning takes on more than what is provided online, and is thus more significant and of wider public concern than that applied by some fly-by-night occultist online.

My search was limited to definitions applied by groups that are generally considered negative or evil, using phrases such as occult symbolism and keywords such as satan[ic][ism] and Illuminati. That does not preclude a thorough collection of data, as the interpretation or definition assigned to numbers by groups purporting to practice good and those that practice otherwise are polar opposites. The guess as to what the number means, based on the data gathered online, will come from that pool, and will be narrowed based on information derived from other symbols used by the demons and their followers, as well as any expressed opinions and beliefs, demonstrated practices and behavior on the part of both demons and humans, and any other facts that might point specifically to the intended meaning.

Search narrowed based on past use of Illuminati and Satanic number-symbol systems
When the Voices Demons first announced their formerly silent, life-long presence in 2006, numbers exclusively associated with the symbology of the Illuminati surfaced everywhere—even more so than the number 8 is now; these include 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777 and 888, as well as 123, 321, 11:11 and others I am probably not remembering right now.
NOTE | Although not a number, the omega sign (Ω), also known as part of the Illuminati symbol canon, has also been turning up quite frequently, as well; also used frequently by these particular demons—which is used by the Illuminati, as well—is the number 666 [see HOME | Neighbor's house number is 666—the Mark of the Beastsee also Scary traffic count on scary day].
Information on other Illuminati-style terror tactics, as well as their prodigious use of 111, 222, 333, 444, 555 and so on—which is still used by demons today—on the web on Google.

Search narrowed further based on astrological preference for attacks
As stated, the hobgoblin demons—and many other variety of demons—attack during a specific moon phase, specifically, First Quarter. Therefore, it is likely that an answer (or a lead to an answer) can be found by referencing meanings of the number eight in the astrological sense.

The results
The results of the search were surprisingly (no, astoundingly) scant, showing only what I already knew: that every number used by the demons I'm fighting has an Illuminati and/or New World Order corollary; not only that, but they use each and every number that has been associated with Illuminati.

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