Tuesday, August 7, 2012

VIDEO | 'Spectre Illuminated by Glare from Lamp' resurfaces as matching drawer handles

During today's ongoing Voices Demons-led Anger Management Ritual, which started three days ago, and has continued around the clock since, I used the sepia color mode on my cellphone camera, as usual during this type of attack, to locate and visually enhance cloaked demons; and, while staying overnight at a former acquaintances' house in Santa Clara, there were plenty to detect in his house.

In this still frame taken from a video clip made there, you can see the head of a demon blended with the drawer handles on his dresser:
The same demon shown in Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare, blended with dresser drawer handles
This is not just any of the hundreds upon hundreds that can be seen in still frames made during an Anger Management Ritual; it is the same demon shown in Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare:
The same demon appearing as dresser drawer handles is shown in Specter of Demon Illuminated by Light Glare 
Following is a preview of the video showing this demon, the very same who was also a childhood tormentor:
It may sound silly for me to be afraid of dresser drawer handles, until you consider that this is one of my childhood tormentors that I had thought until very recently was nothing more than a nightmare. Today's appearance, then, means that the same demon who terrified me as a child is still doing so nearly 30  years later.
That's a sick kind of obsession, and it's no wonder those who work with him, such as the Voices Demons, who spend all of their time only doing evil things, daily, for years on end.

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