Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bizarre communication usually follows demonic attacks

WARNING | The contents of this post made be deemed sexually explicit, although they are actually intended to just be harassing to the recipient by the sender. Even so, if you are offended by any such language that may be considered offensive by some, do not read any further.

An e-mail, which is most undoubtedly from a demonic collaborator (I've heard from this one before):

Hosting with 420

Anonymous Remailer (austria)
6:06 AM (6 hours ago)
to me
My name is Joseph Ortiz a customer service ISR at Performance
Foodservice Ledyard in Santa Cruz, CA. I'm 34, 6'1", 235lbs, total
bottom faggot face gay guy with a 1" penis. My erection really is
just barely the size of a small peanut and am thinking of snipping
it off and becoming a girl my parents always wanted. I am a
sexually immature and rejected weird creepy faggy obnoxious
disgusting total complete sexual dud freak dork loser. I enjoy
being sodomized by men with normal to large sized genitalia. Fuck
my fat ass remind me that I can't fart while your dick is inside
have 420 to share also. Hosting in Scotts Valley.

I'm also looking to trade child pornography especially young boys,
have a lifetime membership with the North American Man Boy Love
Association - NAMBLA. Call me at the number below if you want to
get high and screw me in the butthole while I rub my clitoris
looking at pics of naked boys with their small weenies.

Joseph Ortiz
PROUD and OUT about my homosexuality and 1" penis
Member of NAMBLA
Customer Service Inside Sales Representative
Performance Foodservice Group Ledyard Company
1047 17th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA  95062
831-462-4400 x211
A voicemail, from someone who thought I was joking, but found out otherwise:
Hey, this is Peter Ross. Uh, I just came across this information that you might be interested in; it's about your, uh, about the noises that you've been hearing. Uh, I was thinking about using it for another application totally, and, uh, the two dove-tailed. So, uh, I was quite skeptical about it until I, uh, did a little research. So, uh, I'm kind of curious where you're at with this...

A Facebook message:

    • Quick question: do you speak (or know someone who speaks) Spanish? I need a two-minute long recording listened to, and roughly interpreted.

      It would be such a big help (not that you haven't already been very generous—thanks again for the other night).

    • i know a lot of people who speak spanish. about 85% of the staff at my work only speak spanish and very little english. you live downtown, right? just walk a couple of blocks in any direction and you will run in to somebody who can speak spanish

  • Wednesday
    James Bush
    • Haha! Probably true. It's sensitive subject matter, though. So, I'd rather not pick a complete stranger.
    • Well, anyway, if you get tired of the demon stuff, you should listen to the cop stuff. They elude to the demon problem at the end of the last recording, but, otherwise, it's all cop business.

  • Wednesday
    James Bush
    • Very interesting stuff, in that it shows the best way to handle the most common problem people have when reporting crimes to the police.

    • can you send it thru text and I can bring it to work and have fun with it.

  • Wednesday
    James Bush
    • The cop recording?
    • Or...?
    • The Spanish one, I gather.
    • Yes, I think so. Let me try. Give me a few minutes; it's buried in about 100 other videos.
    • There are two, I think; but, they are very short.

    • i dont like anything that has to do with cops...and i don't even speak of the demon coz when you talk about it, they come.

  • Wednesday
    James Bush
    • Is that a fact? I didn't know that.
    • Is that what happens to you for real?
    • That doesn't jive with anything I've heard or seen before, but I don't know everything.

    • yes
    • we're not allowed to talk about it...or even think about it
    • I myself have had a personal experience but i havent told anyone abt it...coz everytime i merely think or remember what happened, i can feel its [sence
    • *presence.
    • im gonna stop talking abt it right get it out of my head...coz right now it's all i can think abt or picture in my head ...and t's not very pretty
    • i'll try to be back later...i'm gonna take a walk feeling a little scared all alone in my room

  • Thursday
    James Bush
    • Just woke back up here.
    • I'm sure you're alright.

  • Thursday
    James Bush
    • You should tell me what happened.

A weird phone call:

{coming soon, Jon Harrington vaguely eludes to Josh's demons as "the cook, the baker, the candlestick maker," a chilling reference to demons that slaughter people and eat and otherwise use them for other purposes}

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