Thursday, July 5, 2012

VIDEOS | Demons move walls to punish, control, frighten

If you ever watched Demons Move Wall to Injure Hand, you may have wondered, "Why would a demon bother with moving an entire wall when it's mad, when it could just as easily move the human it's mad at?"
Prophecy—or Voices—demons warned me prior to moving this wall that they would hurt my hand (Watch 
Here's the best answer I can give, after having been exposed to the minds of demons on a continual basis for nearly six years now: When you don't give a demon what it wants, its usually because you went off and tried to do something it didn't think of or didn't think of for you, or you set off to do something that was your own idea (and that you had an idea) and you did it (or tried to do it) without asking or mentioning it first, or you simply thought of an idea—in your own head—and wouldn't stop thinking about it, or the idea you thought of was so offensive to its sensibilities that there just is no recovery from having thought it.

Or, it might simply be because you didn't do what it said to do or think what it said to think.
NOTE | Telepathy is not just the communication standard among demonic entities, it is the most commonly used and best-developed of a demon's seven senses.
From a demon perspective, there are at least five problems with all of these things, which must be solved to the exclusion of even its own survival (that is to say, your own will and initiative have threatened it in these ways):
  1. You failed to give it what it wanted;
  2. You failed to recognize its authority and power;
  3. You failed to learn what it wants in spite of its best efforts at submission and obedience training; and,
  4. You failed to yield to said authority and power.
A wall is slid out of the depths of a demonic portal by an uninvited guest to my apartment (Watch Oliver Prepares Portal for Demonic Transit)
How does a demon solve these kinds of problems? Naturally, just as one might expect: with a fearful display of force. And, what would be more fearful than moving a wall in your path to keep you from going somewhere it didn't want you to go?

That's happened on numerous occasions to me. For example, one night last winter, I tried to exit my apartment grounds on the east side of the business-residence that sits between my old apartment and Julian Street, much to the ire of the prophecy demons. Besides continually transporting objects in my path, they moved one of the brick walls of an add-on structure that narrows the path between the house and an adjacent wooden fence until the brick wall extended all the way to the fence.
READ | For more about demons teleporting objects, read Voices Demons play keep-away with cellphone.
They moved this brick wall as if it were one of those Japanese paper-and-bamboo walls, just like they slid the wall out of a demonic portal in Oliver Prepares Portal for Demonic Transit. That wall is a supporting wall on which the only door and window in my apartment are situated.

Doing things this way, demons believe, helps them "make a point," the near-mantra of the prophesy demons.

As a result of this type of psychotic behavior, I have spent much time trying to learn to make a point of my own, and time learning how to take such things like this in stride. Until I accomplish this, however, and can get to a point where I no longer attempt suicide, I'll keep these videos handy to remind me of what I'm dealing with, just in case I get silly and forget that going to the grocery store whenever I need food is a by-permission only activity and demon-graced privilege.
HISTORICAL NOTE | I was in 24-hour intensive care in a near-coma for one week in January, 2009, after having attempted suicide; I slit two three-inch gashes in an arm vein and swallowed over 300 ibuprofen and aspirin tablets. I had just been beaten by San Jose Police Office Miguel Flores at the behest of demons only a month prior, and had been harassed by demons on a non-stop basis for years, as well.

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