Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sucker demon sent to punish caught on video

Yesterday, I captured a large, cloaked sucker demon slithering down the back of my neck, in order to avoid being caught on camera:


It was sent to burn my head and left eye by the Voices Demons as punishment for not listening: doing things I need to do (such as laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and eating), things I have to do (legal work), things I want to do (hobbyist design and coding), reminiscing about the past, holding hope for the future, and expressing happiness for things present. In general, gratitude is verboten, too, but only if I am grateful for something big. (The Voices Demons just said that "it's not that you're grateful, it's that something good happened to you.")

I knew it was coming because one of the Voices Demons said that I "needed a whipping with the belt" for refusing to listen to their babbling. (This peculiar choice of words in threatening me is explained in Demons Mock Childhood Abuse Prior to Committing Acts of Violence.)

Upon hearing this, I immediately grabbed my laptop and pointed its camera at my head. That usually causes them pause; however, not this time.

Instead, the sucker demon swirled around my head, trying to duck the camera; but, not only was he too large to hide, he wasn't fully cloaked, and so was somewhat visible to the camera.

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