Monday, March 26, 2012

Three name-calling demons 'flamed' last night

Last night, as I opened my small front window last night to get some fresh air, I was confronted by three smiling demons, phased-out, but more translucent than most, that apparently had been standing there staring at the window, patiently, expectantly—with the smiles already on their faces—as if they knew exactly when I was going to open it, and were still happy because they hadn't been waiting all that long.
So, after recovering from a brief, stunned pause, I put on my warm-greeting face, and then cheerfully said to each of the 7' tall surprise guests, "Hello!"
NOTE | I greet all demons in this way, even the ones that have attacked or otherwise offended me; especially them, in fact, because it is the new ones that catch me off-guard at first. All of them look very different from one another; so, for each successive demon, you have to take a moment to get past the intimidating and fear-inducing aspects of their face—symmetrical horn-like protrusions (if any), ridged eye-sockets, chins, teeth and foreheads—before ascertaining their intentions by the more familiar, human-like parts—the eyes.
And, the very first thing that one of them said (or, rather, mouthed) in reply was simply, "Fag." It was the middle one that said it, I believe, his grin never losing any of its original luster insodoing. At that, I politely asked to be excused for a moment as I shut the window; then, I briskly walked to the bathroom, while I confirmed with the Voices Demons that it said what I thought it said (as the loudest a demon has ever communicated with me is in a whisper, whereas, most of them mouth their words). A few seconds later, I flew out of the bathroom, lighter and can of hairspray in-hand. Then, with the lighter going in one hand, and with my finger at-the-ready on the can of hairspray in the other, I threw open the window and sprayed a jet flame of fire right at them. Then, almost as soon as I opened the window, I shut it.

Even though they had been advised prior to arriving at my apartment to cloak at whatever level is best for weathering a fire attack (as I was later told), they were still very miffed by the attempt. Perhaps they, too, feel as the Voices Demons do.

This, according to the Voices Demons, was the reason for today's attack by this demon that I had never met before, and that has, at some point in the past, either clenched shut my windpipe while I was unconscious, or that intends to someday do so, as more fully explained in Cloaked Demon Claims Trachea Squeezed Shut.

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