Saturday, March 24, 2012

Demon camouflaging illustrated in Chica o Vieja

When not cloaked, but wanting to remain somewhat hidden, demonic entities camouflage with something in the environment that is either the same color as what they're wearing or the approximate shape and/or texture (or whatever).

"Chica o Vieja," below, illustrates a more complex version of camouflaging, called blending:

This is either an old woman or a young woman, depending on your focal point

Demons inhabiting the same person or object often blend in this way. Below is a picture of five demons, who all inhabit the same man:

They all share the same underlying features; but, look different when compared side-by-side

They also use objects to create their visage, and, amazingly enough, sometimes on-the-move. The picture below is a motion blur as the camera pans past a table lamp; it's a still frame from one of my videos:

A white-faced demon, with ruby-red lips, that wears sunglasses, that is otherwise a table lamp when not in motion
Demons often blend their faces with blankets, as the contour of a blanket can be manipulated to resemble facial features, as is shown in the third clip of The Hobgoblin.

In this picture, a demon blends his head with wall hangings and light and shadow:

In the first frame of one of my videos taken at my apartment, a demon is shown blending his head with the wall
UPDATE | As of April 8th, 2012, a video of the Spectre of Death camouflaging with a window blind is available on Vimeo; the video of the Spectre of Death phased out, from which the above still-frame was taken, is also available on Vimeo. You can read more about phasing out and blending (or camouflaging) on this blog.

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